Monday, June 10, 2013

Finishing My Volunteer Work

 End of a school year and we proved that hard work pays off.   The school I  volunteer in is having public classes this week.  A public class is a presentation by grades to the parents.   Parents are interested in their children's progress in English.   

Today we did 5th and 6th graders.   5th graders presented eight different countries talking about the specific country in detail including geography, language, food, education, and tourism.  The group from Japan even learned and spoke some expressions in Japanese!  They were great.  Here are two of the groups.

 Hell bent on "Swiss" instead of Switzerland, I know we talked about it weeks ago.  Hmmm. 

6th graders put on a television show complete with news, weather, sports, entertainment, and a food section.  We only had one student who got stage fright and ran away.   I caught up with him later with his mom.  She gave me a big hug and said she appreciated the attention her son had received hoping to overcome his shyness.   One kid last week told me he wasn't coming and refused to participate.  The teacher just shrugged his shoulders.  Well, I let him have it in front of all the group (this was on Friday).  I said, "we practiced, we rehearsed, we made our costumes, your classmates included you in this presentation.  Now, you go home, think about this and you had better be here at 7:00 on Monday.  Is that understood?  In fact, I'm calling your mother to make sure you not only show up but participate".  Turns out, the mother's interest in her son was next to nil.   This morning, he showed up, gave a presentation on technology and his mother showed up to boot!  The table below was his presentation on the Iphone 5.  He's the tall guy in the back on the right.  He did a good job.   Needless to say, he made my day!  (verklempt)