Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sorry, But More School Pictures

First off, we had a horrific lighting storm this afternoon.   The house shook just as I was ready for a nap but I blew it off.  On a later inspection of the yard, I found our guava tree got hit.  The cats still have their claws in my chest.   Our pets who went on to the rainbow bridge are buried there.  Guess we need a new tree to provide them shade.

Sorry folks but I am having too much fun at the school.  These kids are so cute and their parents so proud.  Many of the parents speak some English as their parents worked in the U.S. at one time or another or they learned the language at the same school as their kids.   The school has a long history.  In fact, the secretary is over 60 and she studied primary at the school.  Small town and everyone is related to everyone else. 

Today the third grade kinder kids showed their talents in English.   The teacher is a real star in my book and has an excellent educational background in pedagogy.   She is also a great disciplinarian.  Here the parents are lined up around the classroom as the class begins.

The kids are singing "There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea".  Amazing that they are so big.  They really know what they are doing.  When I was in kindergarten, I was lucky to pick my nose and eat the glue stick.  :)

This is the group from yesterday, they are first grade in secondary.

In this group, there was a kid I'll call Carlos.  He refused to speak in English the last two weeks.  Kids said he never participated in the class.  Just like the other kid, I told him he better get with the program.  He is very small for his age, a real card in the the classroom, but obviously needs lots of attention.  Today was his turn to shine.  As it came time for his group, one of the students came over to me and said that "Carlos" was in a panic.   I took his lines over to him to review and he seemed to calm down.   Once on stage he did great.  In the beginning.  The last quarter of his part he fell to pieces.   I gave him a couple of hints and he started but stopped in his tracks.   I motioned to the kids to move on and after they returned to their seats, "Carlos" hid behind someone and started to cry.   I went and sat next to him and put my arm around him (nothing you would ever do in the states) and whispered in his ear what a great job he had done and how proud of him I was.   He gave me a big hug and cried his eyes out.    I almost did too.   Unfortunately, his parents didn't show up.   So now I know where the problem is.   

We humans are such sensitive creatures, we need lots of love and support especially as children.   It is is wonder how some of us make through life.

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  1. That is so sweet, I got tears in my eyes reading about Carlos. By the way the kids all look so happy.

    Sorry about the tree but it will have to be replaced.