Monday, June 3, 2013

Nothing New On The Motorhome

I didn't get a chance to go by to see the motorhome today.  Too many things to do.   I had a couple of jobs in the last couple of weeks and I needed to bill for them which includes expense reports, receipts, etc.  Didn't take long but I had dropped off a receipt at the local gas station.   They usually send the invoice via email but this was billed to a company and I hadn't registered the information with the gas station.  Well, now that everything is done via email and internet here in Mexico, it is a bitch to try and get something the old way :).  I had gone on Friday but no one was in the office.  Today, the same thing so I had to wait 45 minutes.  Funny how things change.  Used to be, we were used to standing around waiting for hours, days, etc. and now 45 minutes is a huge inconvenience.

Off I went to the Multipack now FedEx and dropped off the reports.  If I get them in the office by tomorrow I will get paid in less than 14 days.   Not that I need the money but it is nice to see your rewards.  BTW, part of this work was a set of oral evaluations I did on Saturday for students studying to become a teacher.  We had two hundred students and three evaluators.   We each did 70 students in groups of three.  Not easy and we had to work fast.  But it is very good money.

I stopped by Home Depot for more cabinet hardware.  Our hardware was getting old looking.   Funny, we had made a mistake when we ordered our cabinets 12 years ago.   The cabinet maker misinterpreted our idea of the color.  We ended up with chocolate, which at the time looked awful, now it is in fashion.  So I changed out the old-maid hardware and installed brushed silver handles.  Looks good and cost about 40 dollars.  

I had to pay the phone bill, took a few minutes and I left Monterrey just in time to get caught up in the lunch hour traffic.  But I made it home for lunch and a nap.  

Juan called after his follow up on his knee surgery.  The doctor says the inside of his leg doesn't look quite right and has ordered 15 rehab sessions.   We are still on schedule for our trip to Hacienda Contreras though.  I may go early by myself.  I have a tendency to bitch a lot when I have to stay inside because it is 25C at 5 a.m. and 38C at 5 p.m.   Better to have me out of the way.  

He's getting the truck ready this week and I am working on the travel trailer.   Looks like I have enough work in Texas in the fall that we will spend a couple of months there.  We will leave the rv in McAllen and then go back and forth whenever we want to come home.  

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