Monday, June 10, 2013

Only Four Days Left - Vote For Kevin and Ruth

This is for our friends Kevin and Ruth, most of you know them.  They are trying to win a trip to Namibia.   This is Kevin's message from their blog yesterday.  

We pulled into 2nd place overnight in "the contest". If you're not doing it already, please use your facebook account to support our efforts to go to Africa. There are not many votes separating 2nd from 6th, so we really need everybody's help to stay where we are. There are less than 4 days left!
Here's how to do the link. It will bring you to a facebook page. Accept the application. Accept the fact that they get access to your friend list, etc. Standard facebook procedure to limit illegal voting. Then, find the picture titled "Drab Landscape". There are five yellow stars beside the picture. Click on the star to the far RIGHT to award us with five points...daily for the next 6 days!

1 comment:

  1. Chris, something tells me that you really want us to win this contest! Thanks for all the help and support you are giving us, we really hope that your extra effort pays off for us.