Sunday, June 2, 2013

Motorhome Pics

We drove out to see the motorhome but no one was there.   Juan got to see it though and seems to like the idea.  I found some pics the owner had posted so here they are.   Comments and feedback welcome.

 Here's one I took with the cellphone.


  1. It looks pretty nice. I see that it's the Chevrolet chassis, which is great from an engine/transmission standpoint, but not so good from a front suspension/wheel alignment standpoint. It's excatly the same as Sherman, so i know it well!

    Check the date stamp on the tires, it'll tell you how old they are. Actual tread wear isn't as important as the age of the tires themselves.

  2. For sure it needs new tires. Max age recommended is seven years. The generator's carb and fuel line probably gummed up. Watch that the frame and body are aligned. Also check GVWR rating. Some motorhomes in that era were over weight with two people and water on board let alone anything, especially the front wheels. Could be a good deal at a fair price, have a mechanic check it as little use is also not good for MHs.

  3. You didn't say what they were asking. You can get prices here.
    The Texas market has some really good buys. That unit is probably worth $11,000 USD.

    You travel in Mexico, get something smaller. Much easier to drive.

  4. Thanks Bill and John. I figured it would need new tires. I need to get the size and see if I can get them here.

    The asking price is 220K pesos. It is negociable but Juan doesn't seem to interested. Although it is a bit long, it would serve as our future home for a few years. Maybe we can spend the night this weekend and check it out.