Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gearing Up For Summer

I know for most, summer started a couple of weeks ago.  Here in Mexico classes run until the end of June.  I'm sure most of you have always heard that classes are only half day, morning and afternoon groups.  That is changing here in the north.  We now have schools that are full-time from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and some beyond offering art, sports, and music classes to keep kids off the streets.

We continue with the public classes.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera this morning.  The kids were great and did a lot of singing in English along with dancing.  They enjoyed it as much as their parents did.  They were finally happy to meet Mister Christopher as their kids had been talking about how crazy I am in the classroom.   You have to make learning fun!

The landlord in SMA confirmed the install of the wifi from Telmex like we have here at home.   Cats are welcome and I am ready to head out.   I have about 12 more days to go.   There are a few things to finish up like the solar install.  I got the excess cable out and in the car and now I will visit my electronics friend to see if he can come and confirm what is neg and pos for the cables.   I know I think we know, but the cables we did for the inverter are opposite of what we thought.  Better safe  than sorry.

The pool remodel just hasn't taken place.  We can't find anyone who wants the work.  I need to get the wrought iron painted on the windows and may have to tackle that myself next week.  I scared off the painter when I said he would have to put tape and cover stuff up.   He said, "I can just clean up the mess when I finish can't I?"  So you know what I'm up against.   Rule out family, they all want to come and swim, but when I mention that the guys come out and paint, even though I offer carne asada and beer, it scares them off.  Nobody wants to work anymore.

Bill asked about rv parking at the houses we want to look at outside SMA.  Good news, our lot here is 1600 sq meters.   The two houses we will look at have lots over 3000 sq meteres.   Looks like room for a couple of rv hookups.


  1. Well hell, we work for a whole lot less than asada and beer... too bad Bill & I aren't down in your area. Life here in Alamo isn't too bad, but even the HEB was hectic today... I thought June would be deadsville... all the families with a gazillion kids are in HEB, Walmart etc. What was I thinking????? We're heading north (Ft Worth area) tomorrow... with clean teeth, what more could I ask for? Wish you were here... much love, S.

  2. Hmmm, are you sure you don't want to look at homes on the Isla?

  3. Buy or borrow a cheap meter (Walmart sells them). Set it to read DC volts and touch the red meter lead to the white wire from the solar panel and the black lead to the black wire. The meter should read "18" or "+18" (Assuming your panel is putting out 18 volts, that number may be different but it does not matter). This means the white is positive and the black is negative.

    IF it reads "-18" or whatever voltage number then it means Kevin and I wired it backwards which is actually unlikely. This is not a disaster, you would just connect the black wire to the positive terminal and the white wire to the negative terminal. But like I say, this would be unlikely.