Monday, August 19, 2013

A Little Rain Won't Hurt

The storm hitting the Gulf coast has pretty much petered out.   It looks like a go to me and we decided we can always head inland and go shopping, workout, and see a movie or two not to mention my dinner out for my birthday!

I was encouraged by another Funfinder owner to pull out our small 5000btu window unit and try it out in our travel trailer.  I did it about two years ago but it caused the slide in the bedroom to vibrate quite a bit.   I took his advice and put it in this afternoon.   I found the various points where it was vibrating and was able to quiet it down to the point where we are very happy.   

I first used it in the bedroom which is the only window it will fit.   I shut the bedroom door and went back 20 minutes later.  Nice and cool.   When Juan got home we tried cooling the whole trailer using a 12V oscillating fan and it spread the cool air throughout the whole trailer.   Looks like we might be able to boondock at South Padre Island, or at least we are going to try.  It's still hot there and worse case we can always pick up and move to an rv park.

I need to pull out the generator and give it a workout.   I changed the oil last time I used it and cleaned the filter so it should be ready to go.  I wish I had some SeaFoam, it really seems to help with dry starts.   I think they sell something similar here.

I am looking forward to the beach and relaxing.  Wait a minute.   What have I been doing for the last couple of months sans the three days I worked in Matamoros?   Funny isn't it.   Well, the cats are staying home and it will be just the two of us.  More later.  I need to spend the next two days getting everything cleaned up and ready to roll.  Yippie!

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