Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Interesting Trip Home!

**If you may have misread my post from yesterday, please scroll down and read my update**


Before taking off from the Rio Grande Valley, we stopped at  the Casa del Valle rv park in Alamo.  We will move there from the Kenwood park in La Feria in October.  Marie is the manager and she had shown us around the park earlier in the year.   Marie is a cool gal, she was a dancer on the American Bandstand show back in the 50s.  She loves to dance and she dances in the winter months with Dan who stays at Kenwood.  She was happy to see us and also happy we would be staying at her park.  It is closer to McAllen and easier for my work.

We crossed the Hidalgo bridge, and got a green light.  We left the rv in La Feria so we had no need to go to the first immigration office. .  We turned right and took the street that runs along the Rio Grande.   There is a stop sign before crossing.   Off we went and there were cars in front of us.   I wasn't driving and I looked in the side view mirror only to see a motorcycle cop.   Juan got out, went back and then returned to the car for his license and the car title.   He told me the cop said he had run the stop sign, or slowed down but didn't stop and was speeding.  Juan's a cool guy.  He was calm and collected and answered the questions saying  "thought" he had made a complete stop.  The cop said he was going to ticket us and Juan asked where the office was so he could follow him.   The policeman then asked him what he did for a living and he said, "retired teacher".  He handed Juan the license and title said, "drive carefully".    Off we went.  Not everyone is a crook in Mexico.

Had an uneventful trip on the highway only to get into Monterrey to see a lot of commotion at one of the Soriana stores, an apparent fire in the deli section based on the location of the smoke.  We are  waiting for the local news on the internet at 7 p.m. to see what they say.  Fires are a big deal here as they aren't common.  Cement houses don't burn very well!

At home now and all is well.  As you can see from the picture up top, the driveway looks pretty empty without the Funfinder.   

We have made the decision to travel Canada in 2014.   Our route will be west through Texas to California, up to Vancouver, across the country to Nova Scotia and back down.  I am thinking four months, May through August.  We won't go all the way down the east coast, but will cut across through Kentucky and Ohio to visit family.   So many of our Mexico rving friends are from Canada and they make trek every year.  We felt we need to reciprocate and see their country also on their turf.   We have lots of friends in the U.S. as well.


  1. Glad Juan didn't have to pay a fine.... I think it helps (maybe) to be polite and not confrontational. Don't know if you've been across Canada, but I think you'll love it. Sounds like a great trip to me.

  2. Nice Cop and nice attitude by will love that cross country trip I did it in 2011 if in Vancouver you have to go across to the island and see Croft his Rv place is not bad but great price and Norma will let you feed the deer!!!les

  3. Cool dude that Juan is!

    Looking forward to seeing you in May 2014! By then I shall be perfectly healed and ready to show you the town. Of course we will see you sometime this winter, eh!

  4. Juan really is a Cool Dude!

    When you get to Vancouver you can walk onto the Vancouver Island Ferry and I will pick you up in Nanaimo. We have a free room for you for a few of days.


  6. Croft how much would it cost for them to store the RV in Vancouver ???? Mucho mas!

  7. There is a parking lot at the ferry terminal in Tsawassen where they can park cheap. No hookups but the solar will keep things running. Not sure what it costs but it is where the walk on passengers store their vehicles so I would guess cheap. There is an RV park nearby as well that might have a storage area.