Sunday, August 4, 2013

It Was A Different Day

 For starters, a lovely shot of the Parroquia taken in the morning.
Every year a group of artists throw a big bash out in the countryside at an artist's home.   We found the map and the directions and headed out there.  First stop was to pick up the girls.   The drive out to La Cieniguita is about 15 minutes from town.  Wonderful drive through lush green fields, lots of trees and things to see. 

As you can see from the pics below it looks more like a bunch of hold outs from the hippie days.  And it is.  People, mostly gringos, dressed in wild clothes, colors, and designs.   They are seemed to know each other.  I would say there was crowd of about 150 people.  They sold beer, refreshements, and an organic food truck sold food on the spot.  Very expensive though, imagine a small zucchini cut up and deep fried for 50 pesos.  Outrageous.

Turned out, the art is made of of pieces of cut glass glued to things.  All the small buildings on the property are constructed with glass bottles and scrap.  You can tell this is not my kind of art but what do I know.  

 Dancing mojigangas.  That was pretty cool.

 After about 45 minutes we decided to high tail it out of there.  Not our kind of crowd.  On the road in front we encountered one of the local characters, Mr. Pinky.  Even his nails are pink, his VW is pink inside and out.  Juan had to have a pic taken with him.  We kind of prefer Mexican events.  I'll keep the rest of my comments to myself about this wonderful art gathering!

We headed back to town and picked up some carnitas and headed to the girls house for happy hour up on their terrace.  Much more fun and we had a pretty good time.

BTW, we went to the movies the other night.  I forgot to mention that.  We saw "Los Ilusionistas" or Now You See Me Now You Don't.   It was a typical Hollywood flick.  Lots of noise, action and special effects.   I gave it "three decks of cards, two rabbits in a hat and one big Abracadabera.  The last time we went to the movies was here in SMA over a year ago.   Tickets were priced right at 35 pesos each.  Can't beat that for going to the movies.   Great theater, movie in English, comfortable seating.  It was getting stuffy  so Juan asked them to crank up the air.  In less than five minutes it was nice and cool.


  1. Lol...that wouldn't be our kind of event either!

  2. Mr Pinky may be quite colorful, but I'd prefer Juan's shirt any day ;-)

  3. Chris, sometimes you make me laugh out loud and I love that! I'm looking forward to hearing about the event in person. :o) You kids keep having fun. xo xo