Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back Home - The Heat!

We took off as planned at 7:00 this morning.  We had everything ready last night and packed the car this morning.   We couldn't get the cats to do their duty and I even considered physically squeezing them to get them to do it.  Well they did but not until we were on the road.  Smart thing though, they let us know they needed out of their carriers.

Off we went to Los Rodriguez just east of SMA and over their 14 topes, one by one.   Onto Hwy 57, we  headed north for the next five and a half hours.   We passed through two checkpoints being waved on without a problem.   I stopped twice for a hot cup of coffee and the highlight of the trip was passing Santa Maria del Rio.  I think I mentioned on my way down in June that I stopped there for the best meal ever.  It was a Mexican biscuit (sweet like a croissant) with black beans, manchego cheese, black beans and pico de gallo (chopped chili, tomato, onion and cilantro with a bit of lime juice).   We passed the place but turned around and went back.  If you know me, I never turn back for anything so this must really be good.   Heading south on the 57, when you get to Santa Maria del Rio, you are heading downhill and there is the exit for the town.  Pass the exit about 150 meters and you will see a gas station with some small restaurants and a convenience store.  In the MaxGas convenience store they have a small restaurant and the women there really know how to cook.

Can't beat the price either at 18 pesos.

We arrived at the turn off to San Roberto which takes you over the mountains to Galeana and on to Linares on Hwy 85 to our house in Santiago.   As always, the trip over the mountains is just that, a real trip.  As you exit the 57 and head up the mountains it looks pretty mundane, a long stretch up a mountain with not much around.  After that, it's curves, junipers, pines, yuccas and wonderful mountain scenery.   We love this part of the trip and we have boondocked in these mountains.   Even in the summer when the temps are 46C (114F) like it was today in Monterrey, the evenings are ice cold.  Iturbide is a good place to spend the night, pull up along the city park and put out the slides.

En fin, we made it home safe and sound pulling in the driveway at 3.15, 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  The gardener thought we wouldn't be home until tomorrow and he was there scrambling to finish his work :)

Back home now, wishing we were still in SMA if not for the magic of the city and its surroundings, but for the cool weather year round.  Tomorrow we begin the hard work of selling a piece of land if not the house and getting the heck out of here.  Chances, I'd say 50% or less although I will try to be optimistic.


  1. glad you have a safe journey home and your blog would not be the same without some mention of food...enjoy and good luck selling best wishes les

  2. Now that is hot! Yue never know about real estate. It just takes one person, good luck.