Friday, August 2, 2013

Concert Night

We walked into Centro to the Teatro Angela Peralta for a wonderful classical music concert.   The Trioo de Las Americas played non-stop for over an hour and a half.   Sitting in that old theater, with the private boxes in the luge area, no air conditioning but very comfortable, and no microphones or sound amplification.  It was just like two hundred years ago.  Imagine listening to Handel just as it was written.  No need for amplification as the theaters were acoustically built. Complete silence.  No cell phones allowed, no cameras, no pictures and no crying children.  It was complete silence as five hundred people listened to this wonderful concert.  It truly was a good experience and one I haven't experienced for over 40 years back when I was an usher at the music hall in Kansas City.

After, we headed to the Jardin for a quick walk around and headed home.  An evening in San Miguel to remember.

On another note, students in Mexico will be heading back to school.  If you are interested in doing something good for Mexico, buying a student a school uniform is a good idea.  They will also be publishing a list of the school supplies that a student needs.  You can easily put a package together.  This beats donating used stuff or giving money.  Used stuff usually gets sold and money gets used for everything but school supplies and uniforms.  Uniforms are sold at all supermarkets and the prices below are the average price per piece.

Camisa 79 pesos, pantalón 110, corbata 35 pesos, calcetines 38 y zapatos 200 pesos.

Shirt 79 pesos, pants 110 pesos, tie 35 pesos, socks 38 pesos and a pair of shoes for 200 pesos.


  1. I wish I'd gone to that concert with you. Just the thought of that beautiful music with no interruptions sounds like heaven. We still don't have any plans past October.... too many "life interruptions" to think about right now.

  2. Lovely. Such a special concert in such a wonderful location. Life is meant to be filled with such experiences.

  3. I didn't realize there was a second Angela Peralta theatre in Mexico. Maybe there are more, who knew.