Friday, August 23, 2013

At The Beach - SPI

Left right on time yesterday at 7:15.   I hadn't had the trailer out for awhile so I always get a little nervous pulling it out of the driveway.   One of the problems is that our neighbor's sidewalk is a bit high and when I get the front wheels of the SUV there the rear spin a bit in the gravel.  I'm going to ask him if we can make a smooth dip in it to make all this easier.

We headed south via Allende and took Hwy 9 to Cadereyta.  That takes you around Monterrey.  At that hour of the morning we would just sit in rush hour traffic and it is much more scenic going through the countryside.  We opted for the "libre" and happy to report, it is in very good condition.   I highly recommend it.   We stopped outside General Bravo for breakfast.  Lots of Pemex workers were there so we knew it was a good place. 

A very uneventful trip all the way to Reynosa.   We were stopped at km30 in a military checkpoint.  Drew quite a crowd going through the rv.  They all wanted to know how much it cost and how the slideouts worked.  Juan gave them a pretty thorough tour.   Same thing at the U.S. border.  They had us pull in for a visual inspection no X-ray.   First there were seven agents and that grew to ten.  I haven't seen that many people in an rv since our last rv show.  One agent told me he was looking on Craigs and I told him about leak testing and things to look for.  They thought the solar was pretty cool too.  (A note to Croft, he told me about his drawer fix by using magnet drawer doo dads.  I put them on when we got home in April  and to my surprise, no opening drawers while in transit. Thanks!)

We stopped along the way at HEB Plus for gas and groceries.  We had made a list in the car.   It was a quick stop but leisurely.    Next we headed to La Feria to check out the rv park prices for September and October.  Looks like we can stay in La Feria for  $150 in September and then move to Alamo for $189 in October.   This is for my courses I will be teaching in RGV.  First event is in Seguin near San Antonio on the 26th.   

Got to SPI (South Padre Island) and we chose the county park.  It was 99F coming through the valley.  Yikes!   We got a great spot here at the county park with full hook ups and cable.   I think we'll stay here for the weekend and head back to La Feria and set things up.   

Went out for dinner last night to the Sea Ranch.   Very good seafood dinner, a celebratory glass of wine, and when Juan excused himself to go to the bathroom he asked the waiter to bring the cake.   I saw it coming and I insisted there be no singing.  OMG!

Came home watched some Golden Girls episodes and called it a night.   An excellent day, who could ask for more.  Rving down a country road through my favorite country with my best friend.


  1. Happy birthday Chris. Sounds like it was perfect. Enjoy the beach. By the way those were huge wine pours. I think I like that restaurant.

  2. Happy Birthday, mi amigo! Norma says you look younger every year!

    Somehow we missed the Sea Ranch when we were there so I now have a reason to go back. I would have a hard time getting past the tuna offerings, I love rare tuna.

  3. Happy Birthday I have a question? Have you ever posted a blog without mention of FOOD???? Cheers les

  4. Les: What else is there? No wonder I p... and moan about losing those pesky 5 kilos.

    And yes Croft, the Sea Ranch is pretty good. They also own Pier 19 which is supposed to be pretty good. Tomorrow we are going to Scampi's for dinner. I would rather go get some fresh shrimp from the boat to boil up.

    Contessa the wine pour was surprising. It lasted me all through dinner.