Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lightning Strike - What A Bummer

Watching a movie last night and a storm came along.  Not so much rain as wind.   We looked around outside and things looked fine.  We were hoping for lots of water.  All of a sudden lightning struck, very close to the house.  Still not sure where it hit.  This is the second strike this year.   Last one in June took out one of our trees.  Anyway, the lights blinked and the phone (our landline) went "kaboom".   Nothing else happened and well, we went on with the movie and said we'll get a new phone.  

The day before yesterday I tested the window unit A/C in the rv and it did pretty good.  When I went to the gym yesterday morning I got the generator out of the shed and took it with me to have the the tank filled.  My idea was to hook it up to the window unit and let it run all night to see how long it would go on a tank of gas.   I started it up at 8 p.m. and it ran beautifully.  During the storm, the lightning strike was so severe that it really shook things up.   

I got up this morning and found that the hit from the lightning jolted everything so much the window unit was on the ground.  Fell right out of the window.  Dead, dead, dead.   The generator survived and is fine. 

I have a couple of things to do today to get the rv ready but we plan on leaving early in the morning.  We always hit rush hour traffic and it delays us about an hour.   Tomorrow we will take the southern route through Allende and Hwy 9 to the airport and on to Reynosa and then South Padre Island.


  1. Tough luck and like you say, what a bummer! At least the solar panel and generator survived!

  2. Good Grief! Glad neither of you were close to that window... what a jolt!