Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Day Trip - Comonfort


Sunday we got up bright and early and picked up my friend Darren who came to visit from D.F.  We headed up to the Sunday market for breakfast and a quick walk around buying some fruit and veggies.   Hopped in the car and drove off to Comonfort which is about a 20 minute drive from San Miguel de Allende.  There was a folkloric dance group from Chiapas performing in the main plaza and Juan was interested in seeing it.

Turned out to be a fun day.   The dance group started right on time and the chairs were arranged under the shade of the trees.   We were pretty much the first ones to to get there and I was concerned there wouldn't be a big crowd.  As the minutes passed people began showing up and soon all the seats were taken.  It was a great show.  Some of the dancers were between 7 and 10 years old.   Really cute kids and they were good dancers too.   They came on a tour bus and are touring the state of Guanajuato.   Usually these groups tour on a very limited budget and traveling conditions are not the best.  They have a beat up bus and stay with schools and families overnight.  This group however had a very nice tour bus just like the ones we travel in.   Good for them, they deserve it.

After the performance we strolled around the very crowded plaza and found some good pan dulce.   It was getting close to nap-thirty and I could feel it coming on.   My internal clock knows when it is 2:30.  I asked a passerby in the plaza if there was a cafe where we could sit and have coffee and she pointed us to the other side of the plaza.   We had three cafe americanos and it was 36 pesos, about $2.60 u.s.  We sat under an umbrella right on the sidewalk and enjoyed watching people.

Arrived back home for a short rest and off we went for the Sunday walk in the Jardin.  The place was packed and there was a clown doing a show (clowns scare me).   I didn't watch it but preferred to see the kids playing with balloons, eating ice cream, couples holding hands and stealing the occasional kiss.  

It made for a very nice day.   Being in the plaza with the crowds makes you wonder why people think Mexico is a dangerous place.  You would never know it.   We got some ice cream at a corner shop and there were three teenage gringas.   I asked them if they were taking Spanish classes.  They said no but they were in SMA visiting their grandparents who live full time here.  They come three times a year from Boston to visit.  They run around town by themselves, no fears, no worries and have a blast meeting boys and doing girly things.