Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Great Hiking Day - El Charco Del Ingenio

Yesterday was another great day here in San Miguel de Allende.  We had gone to the gym in the morning but we got there a little late so the place was packed and I didn't get my cardio in.  So we packed a light breakfast of fruit and granola and headed off to the botanical gardens.   What a fantastic place right on the outskirts of San Miguel.   The weather is fantastic this time of year.  It rains a lot but usually in the afternoons making a good excuse to take a long nap.

Here I am sitting along the edge of the canyon which runs through the park.   It is so quiet and beautiful.  A small waterfall is running down below and you can here the water and a slight breeze is blowing.   There is a guy hidden up on top that is playing the flute, similar to southwestern native American music.  It was really a good moment and we stayed there for quite awhile mesmerized by the sounds.

The park is  filled with local cactus as well as varieties from all of the Republic.  With the rains, the flowers are in bloom and the colors are truly beautiful.

Even the wildflowers are having their moment.   Lots of color everywhere we walked.  We took a lot of pictures but here is a sampling.

 Here is a shot looking down the canyon.  We haven't walked down inside because of the rains and the water running through it.  It looked like more rain was coming so we decided to hold off again.   Les has been down in there and says the hike is worthwhile.

Found this guy inspecting cactus in the conservatory.   The water isn't running now through the stream that goes inside and I wanted to ask if there was a problem with the pump or what but no one was around to ask.   The botanical garden relies on memberships and donations and when we can find something we can afford to fix we always offer.   You need to visit next time you are in town.
Afterwards we went to the Parisina fabrics store.  We bought a piece to make a table cloth and kitchen curtains.   Total was less than seven dollars and the kitchen will look much better when we are done.   An observation and one that I already knew to be true, the mall at Luciernega on the salida to Queretaro was packed yesterday.   All Mexicans.  Why?  That's what locals are interested in just like Americans when they are at home.  People like to buy things, go to the movies, eat foreign food, etc.   They live here, they have colonial this and that, Mexican food and traditions everyday.   For foreigners it is something new and they want to preserve it.   It's a fight between old and new.


  1. The botanical gardens are a great place to hike. We've also never been to the time, I guess!

  2. Maybe you can fix the pump at the gardens. Overall seems like a Zen type of day. Nice.