Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lot's Of Good Things Going On


I left the camera in the car so I won't be posting pics.  The good news is that Juan is leaving on the bus tonight at 10 p.m. and will arrive in the morning.   Yippie!   I need to get crackin' and get this place in shape.  I am just starting happy hour so I guess I will get an early start in the morning.  I mean how dirty can this place be if I have already cleaned it twice?  A good sweep, mop, and a dusting of surfaces and it is good to go.

Sunday I walked up to the market in Luciernaga.  It was about 4 kms from the house and most of it up the mountain.  I got an early start leaving around 9:30.   I stopped at the Mega and bought a piece of pan dulce for strength on the climb.  My favorite piece is called "ojo de buey" or ox eye.  It is a round piece of very sweet corn bread wrapped on the edge with some plain pie dough and a little sugar.  Got me up the hill.

They say the market on Sundays isn't as big as Tuesday, but I thought it was more than enough to keep me interested for a couple of hours.   I had a quesadilla and a slice of pizza, both of which I took home for lunch.  Yummy!   Made for a good nap.

Yesterday, I left early with my friend Dorothy for Celaya to finalize the purchase of her Rav4 she was buying.  First stop was the dealer where we dropped it off for a complete inspection.  I mean they really gave it the once over at the Toyota.  Cost, $400 pesos.   We went to the Liverpool mall and walked around while they did that and had an early lunch at the Subway.   

Back at 1 p.m. to pick it up and then go to the "control vehicular" where they give the car the once over checking all the VIN numbers to make sure the car is legit and never modified, stolen or written off as salvage.  That took an hour waiting in line, inspection and then sending the info to the center in D.F. for a final green light.   No problems.  Off we went to the bank to get a cashier's check, all this time the owner was with us except during our walk through the mall.  We took him to the bank so he could deposit the check, sign the title over, and drop him off at home.   

Last night Dorothy took me to the Rosewood Inn, a fancy place in SMA and we had a celebratory glass of wine on the roof top overlooking the city.  We'll have to go back to get pics, I have had no one here to look after me so no camera.

Today I went to the gym, showered, and walked to the Mega where I took the bus up the hill to the big market day.   I stopped by the office where they issue plates for cars and found Dorothy there waiting in line.  I am a good sport and decided to stay with her just to make sure all was well and we closed the deal.  Sure enough, 10 minutes with the person in charge and off we went with the new plates.   This deal is closed and I helped a very nice person who is now a friend.   Dorothy is a great human being.   I'm glad she emailed me and asked me to help her find a car.

We walked around the market, met some friends of hers who have a wonderful taco stand.  I had the best quesadillas ever with some chorizo, onion and cilantro.   We finished up and Dorothy dropped me off at the Pollo Feliz, I stopped by the La Siesta in hopes to see my friend there to find out the latest.  He wasn't there so I headed on home.   Here I am, anxious for tomorrow!  Have a good one!


  1. First off, I'd like some of that pan dulce... then maybe a glass of wine with you and your friend.... then that chorizo stuff sounds real good. I'd even clean up your place so it will be spiffy for when Juan gets home in return ;-) (this part made me laugh.... if I leave Bill alone I come home to a reasonably clean house, but I swear, he doesn't understand "making up a bed".) Welcome home, Juan!

  2. I think with all this eating you and Juan are going to have to walk up the big hill twice a day..hope Juan's trip is a good one I will see you guys when I get back .....really so nice of you to help Dorothy ...cheers les