Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Walk Into A Reader

Yesterday was a full day.  Up early and started off with coffee and a look at live-streaming news from Monterrey.  That didn't take long, news is news and it is all about the same.  Car accidents, a drunk driver, division of state tax revenues between the municipalities, etc.

Saturday in SMA is market day or should I say organic market day next to the Instituto Allende on San Antonio.   First I dropped off the bed linens and towels and paid them 30 pesos to wash, dry and fold.  That is what I call doing laundry.  It has been raining a lot and it was cloudy.   We figured a little water wouldn't hurt us so off we went.

The place was packed and there were more gringos in one place than I have seen since last year in the Rio Grande Valley.   As we came down the street you could see people filing in and out.  As I started up the stairs, out comes a woman with hat and sunglasses and says, "Hi Chris, you don't know me".  I said maybe if she took off the glasses I might recognize her.   She said she was a reader of my blog and Les' too!  Sandra and her husband summer from Texas.  They are full-timers or were until they bought a home in Mission, Tx.  We chatted for awhile outside blocking the sidewalk.  Very nice people.  We exchanged info and I hope when Les gets back we can all get together for dinner one night.   We saw them again today when we stopped at Mega.

Toda Santa Olive Oil

La Luna Cheese

I have to say, apart from the gringo element at the market there really are some good things like extra virgin olive oil sold by a Belgian guy and his Mexican wife, local Mexican cheese makers who really make some good cheeses, bakers of all kinds displaying their breads and rolls.   We tooled around there for about an hour meeting vendors and then headed next door to the artisans fair that looked more like an Indian bazar.  Tables set up everywhere and tons of people buying things.   You name it you can find it including silk from India!   We had a cup of coffee and watched people walk around.   One guy asked me to take his order.  Happens a lot, usually in big box stores.  I guess I look like a clerk or maybe it's because I smile at people.

Haggling for carpets.

In the back of the Saturday market is a fantastic view of the Parroquia

Back home for a good nap before we spent the evening at the theater being entertained by a Flamenco group from Spain with Mexican dancers.   Very good show.   We got soaked on the way home even though we took a taxi.   It was really pouring down.  Finished up Saturday Night Live on the interet and then off to bed.

Waiting for the curtain to open at the SMA theater

The show ran for over two hours.   Very good dancers and truly entertaining.


  1. Oh... I want to be where you are! Everything from the market to the olive oil and the dancers. What the heck are we doing in 100+ temps in Texas. Oh yeah... we better wait until Bill's ankle heals before making plans ;-) But... for certain, I LOVE the photo of you and Juan... you guys are lookin' good!

  2. you guys do look you know about the pocket theatre...80 pesos for a movie and a drink and popcorn in a beautiful small venue?? the drive today was good I have Linda and Guy and we are in Obregon tonight...cheers les

  3. What a great looking theatre. Silk from India, eh. Sounds like a perfect day.