Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Walk Through The Mud


We continue to look for a place to buy and our minds change like the wind.   There is something to be said living in town or very very close.   On the other hand, there is much to be said about living out in the country.  Over the weekend we saw a sign in a shop window downtown.  We called several times, stopped by the shop but could never contact the owner.   Yesterday we did and we headed out to a country road that is in very good condition, cobblestone, a small town of 400 people.   When we got there the whole town was in the little plazita with flowers as someone had died in the town.    We waited for the owner and she showed up early.   

She had two pieces of land to show us.  We had driven the town and on both sides it comes to an abrupt end so it looked like they would be in the town.   Oh brother, we drove on muddy roads which she said they were going to repair "any day now" because her brother worked in the city government.   In the end, the were beautiful pieces of land but I'm getting to old to rough it anymore especially if I had to do it everyday or several times a week.    We thanked her and headed back to town.  In fact, we stopped at a housing project that we first visited over two years ago.   We wanted to see how it had progressed.   Very nice, very small lots and lots of very nice middle-class homes have been built both by the builder and individual lot owners.  

We found a nice lot for 236,000 pesos between two homes with high walls.  Perfect for a palapa with bathroom, sitting room and laundry, a place to park the rv on one side and ample parking for our vehicles.  It is on the libramiento and you could walk, a long walk for some, to the Mega.  Bus service is in front and it looks very Mexican.   Many of the homes are used on weekends by Mexicans and there are some rentals in there.  We like it because there are very few restrictions.  One would be the wall that you put up in the front of your lot.   Not an issue for us.  In the end, still undecided. 

So we ended the day with that.  Did some grocery shopping for dinner and made a very good gluten-free pasta dish with ground turkey.   Watched a couple of online videos and while we were doing that the cats were getting ready for a snack.  Can you tell?

This morning we are being lazy.  No gym.  Instead we are walking to the market and back, about a 5 mile walk so that should help the tacos digest.  I need to be a better blogger too, we have taken some great shots of San Miguel's architecture.  Maybe today.

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  1. Why SMA? Have you thought of living on the ocean. There are many many places for sale on Isla de la Piedra for decent pesos. You have all the beauty and culture of Mazatlan plus the peace and very Mexican lifestyle on the Isla. With the new Durango highway anything is possible. Besides the airport is right there.