Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life Goes On In SMA


We continue to beat the heat in Monterrey while exploring more of SMA.  Too many places to hike to and walking around SMA can work off some calories too.   We decided on market day we each choose one thing and then we split it.  Today we split a slice of pizza and an order of enchiladas.   No dinner tonight but maybe we'll split a piece of cake we bought at the market.   It is all so yummy but also not very good for your health.  Cheap oil is the culprit.   The salsas are always very fresh and we never have any digestion issues.   We drink a couple of Yakult everyday to keep our flora in constant upgrade.

 This kid was itching to have his picture taken, little does he know he is now memorialized on my blog!

We're not professional photographers, but there is plenty to keep you busy with a camera.   Juan takes quite a few shots, I wish I could post more.

Today I there were some posts on the On The Road In Facebook page.   I posted a couple of comments that I guess some people found offensive and the name calling started.   Basically, I have lived so long in Mexico that looking at things from a different angle have really made a change in me.  I can understand why other countries feel the way they do and how hatred can build up against some major controlling countries.  But that's life.   As my dad told me, "it's good to be a black sheep".   I'm not a feel good guy.   Truth can be painful sometimes but that's what helps us to see through the smoke screen.   As Rose Nylund said to her daughter, "can't we just wear matching dresses and pretend everything is okay?"

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  1. Look forward to reading your blog every day. Wish your abbreviations were easier to understand. Perhaps you could expand on them? Very tempted to try Mexico. Our blog? http://www.cmhl09.blogspot.com
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