Wednesday, July 24, 2013

May Have Found A Place

I want to believe we may have found a place.   It is in town, a new neighborhood that I said we had looked at two years ago.  Sometimes you miss out on opportunities by waiting to long but it hasn't hurt us yet as we always find what we want.  Patience is a good thing.   The lot is small, 8 x 16 meters but is well-located.  Ieyt is on a bus line (never know how long we'll stay or how old we'll get), has a Bodega Aurrora on the corner, is walkable to downtown and there are plenty of shops and stores in the area.   Mega is 2 minutes by car so that takes us to another popular part of town. 

The houses next door.

This is the lot we like.

We have eyed it now for a couple of weeks.  There is a woman who is selling two lots together in the same neighborhood at a reduced price but she isn't answering my emails.  Tomorrow we will go and ask the management company if they can put us in contact with her.

So we have done a lot of drive-bys, walked the lot, and figured out how we can accomodate a small palapa with laundry and bathroom or maybe a small coach house.   We will use it for the rv and when we sell the house in Monterrey we can move there and live in the rv coming and going and maybe even upgrade the rv if we decide.  Lots of ideas being tossed around and Juan has come up with a really good one which would be a covered area for the rv and we can build up above with just a roof terrace or a two bedroom casita.

Some people are asking why San Miguel de Allende?  It is never hot or cold here.  It is centrally located to the rest of the country.   All within two hours or less are Leon, Celeya, Guanajuato, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Mexico City, Morelia and the beach is a day's drive.  Beach areas are nice but only in the winter, summers are unbearable.   So for year round, central Mexico has our vote.    Future international trips are easy as D.F. is so close and flights less expensive for overseas travel.


  1. This is great news and if you put in an offer good luck...whilst you are gone and if I can help from here I would be happy cheers les

  2. Now I understand you reason re location. I do love the idea of a covered palapa for the RV complete with overhead casita. A great idea Juan.

  3. At first I'll admit I thought you'd be too "closed in"... then looked again, read again... and re-thought. I can see great possibilities for ways to have your own private plaza with wonderful privacy. Hope you make contact with the owner soon.

  4. Chris, you better check with that development's administration. They will usually not allow living in an RV and also have design standards that you must conform. Usually want to approve proposed construction to have the scale, shapes and colors fit in with adjacent homes.