Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunday Is Market Day Too!


Sunday is market day too!  Everyone keeps telling us it is Tuesday or that Tuesday's market is bigger and better.  Well, I'm here to tell you that Sunday is just as good as Tuesday.  The only difference, no gringos on Sunday.  We were there for over two hours, yes two hours, perusing the aisles including food stalls, clothes, shoes, tools, kitchen wares, and more.  We only counted two gringos.   Not that it matters but just an observation.

Speaking of shoes, I have been looking for a pair.  I'm limited in my ability to buy clothes.   The truth is, I hate buying clothes, trying them on and that includes shoes.  I have pair for the gym, a black pair I wear religiously, sandals and my rubber chanclas.   I found a very good pair of shoes for both the gym and day wear and they are in my favorite color!

Food at the market can't be beat.   We were going to pig out but a slice of pizza for 10 pesos when we got there and a small order of enchiladas for 15 pesos was enough for the afternoon but we finished the evening with a small bowl of pasta and chicken served with some fresh asparagus.   You know the immediate effect of asparagus, hehehe.  Remember Austin Powers at the water fountain!

We also bought a hammer.  This place has no tools although we brought a small set one thing we didn't bring was a hammer.  Why a hammer?  This is like rainy season here and mosquitoes can get on your nerves.  The casita doesn't have a screen door and we wanted the cats to go in and out at will.   We checked around and got estimates of around 1200 pesos for something basic.    We did it the Mexican way and I'll take a pic tomorrow and show you what we did.  Basic, but works extremely well at a cost of 132 pesos.  The owner can keep it or tear it down.  

Speaking of cats, two things.  Ours like to roam around outside wherever we go.  Good cats, they always stay close by and we have yet to have a problem.  Of course, they need time acclimate themselves to the area, noises, other animals, etc.   This last week they have been coming and going and they stick to our little yard which is fenced off but they could easily go further but our 99 year old neighbor has three small dogs and that keeps them close to the house.   At home the kids have a pet door.   They never use their litter box as the outdoors is their bathroom.  Now that they are more confined they use the box and we discovered that our 13 year old has a slight intestinal problem.   We took Little Bit to the vet today and they are going to run some tests tomorrow.  The vet says it's something minor as he says LB is in excellent health.

This casita is so basic we don't even have an electric porch light.  That's a candle!


  1. So funny running into you at Mega, really is a small town.
    Sorry to hear your kitty is sick. We had a cat for 15 1/2 years, miss her but not the dreaded box.
    Our phone has a lot of static so email may work best for the get together. Hope the rains give up soon.
    Abrazos, Sondra & Bill

  2. Even when we went to the Tuesday market back in December we saw very few gringos. I love the markets in Mexico. We sure do miss them. Hope Little Bit is doing fine now.


  3. Hope Little Bit is feeling a little bit better! She's such a cutie!