Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fun-Filled Afternoon - Casa Magdelena

The view from our friend's house after the cocktail at Casa Magdalena.

The other day I was perusing a Yahoo group here in San Miguel de Allende and came across a cocktail party from 4 to 6 p.m. on Saturday (yesterday).   I called up some friends, one visiting for the weekend from D.F., and we all packed in the car and headed out to Casa Magdelena located a stones throw from SMA.  It is a vineyard with a couple of homes or should I say mansions.  

We enjoyed a wine tasting, a couple glasses of vino and some great hors d´oeuvres.  We mingled with many people both ex-pat and Mexicans and had a really good time.  The place is for sale at a steal, 1.5 million dollars.  It can also be rented by the week for 4,550 dollars.  Looks like a great place to have a family reunion and I am going to invite my siblings and see if they would be interested.

After, we headed over to our friends new house in SMA.  They live up on the hillside and have spectacular views of the city and the countryside.  We proceeded to drink more wine and ordered a pizza.  Politics, sex, and religion were on the table last night and we had a blast.


Kevin asked the other day why we might want to buy property here with so many ex-pats.  Well, you learn to live around them and some are really nice people just like us.   The most important aspect of living here is the climate and its proximity to southern regions where we feel we would like to rv.   We are tired of fighting the heat in the north even when we travel.   Time for a change.  Not to mention the fact that here, we can have a lot, put up a wall in front and nobody cares if we have an rv inside or not.  No Nosy O'Donnells here.  The big plus is that the places we have looked at are cheap and we could easily buy one now.

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  1. Now that sounds like a fun time. Love Casa Magdelena, I want to come visit. Maybe I should come for the rest of my recovery. I am beginning to understand your reasoning more and more about the change of location. The idea of being centrally located is a huge benefit travel wise which you love to do. It would really open up the country to you RV wise. Happy exploring.