Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back Home For A Few Days


Had some over the phone training today with my boss in Dallas.  We packed up and headed home around noon.  A good trip, fun to be back in Mexico, a place that is familiar to me.  Juan noticed the change in my demeanor right away.   We talked all the way home and had a few laughs.   Nothing to report from the road.  We passed the km. 26 south of Reynosa.  It used to be kind of run down and not a big deal.  They have done quite a bit to modernize it and also installed a drive through x-ray machine for tractor trailers in between the north and southbound lanes.   Looks like a big deal.  I bought some used readers for kids at the school to start the reading program.   In fact, I had a couple hundred and the aduana didn't say a word.  It as obvious they were used.   Home now having some down time and enjoying the cats.  I'm getting a tongue lashing from Little Bit for my absence.  He starts meowing at me as if he is yelling at me.  I deserve it.

Pictures of the empty rv park.  The manager assured me she has 65 couples coming in the first week of November.   She also said people just aren't coming to the valley like they used to.  That could explain the incredible rate I am getting for November and December.

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  1. Home sweet home! Enjoy and relax. Cats and dogs like to tell us what they are thinking.