Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back In The Rv Park

Not much to report today.  I got an early start for the airport.  Woke up at 4:30 and watched some news and read for awhile.  This trip I finished a book and ran out of reading material when I remembered that Croft sent me a very good book to read, Inferno by Dan Brown.  That was my salvation for the airport journey I made.   El Paso has a nice airport, small and quaint although they probably wouldn't like to hear that I sure enjoyed it.  Friendly people except for those nagging TSA agents  (better watch my p's and q's with the NSA watching).   Too many rules.   But need I digress.

Good wifi helped throughout the day even on the airplane.  Although there is a charge for wifi on American, you can browse their webpage for free which I did.  Imaginary flights, checking prices, dream trips, etc.  Lots of coffee.  

I got home around 2 p.m. only to see the highway shut down to a fiery crash and then the elementary school down the street from the rv park in lock down with police, ambulances and fire trucks.  Maybe on the evening news it will say something.  Wow, just like home!

Was invited to dinner by former Mexico rver who now lives in Chapala and was here on business.  We had Chinese but the best part was the conversation about what is going on in his neck of the woods.  A good three hour conversation and catching up on things.

On the home front all is fine and I am thinking about potty training our cats for our trip to Canada.  I hate cat boxes and cats are real stinkers no matter what you feed them.   Missy is turning five this year and has become more house bound over the last few months.   I want to see if we can train him for leash walking.   Five months out on the road and I want to simplify it as much as possible.   

BTW, I hope the following article doesn't affect our trip Pena Nieto May Cancel Canada Trip Due to Visa Row

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  1. Good luck on leash training. Bought an escape proof harness for Tux and he was out of it in 30 seconds. Works for some folks.