Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yep, Not For Me - Ready To Hit The Trail

After some thought and a conversation with the salesperson who is now in Houston, I have decided it is not for me.  I prefer to be a presenter and will leave it at that.  Spending money on staying here and not being able to cover the expenses with sales is what changed my mind.  Lots of reports to fill out on each school visit and that is the last thing I want to do.  I spoke with Juan and he is ready to hit the road too.

So our plans remain the same, going home on the 22nd and heading for Queretaro, Guadalajara and beyond.  The dog that showed up last month now has a home and when I heard the news my heart sank.  Not because I wanted to keep the dog, but the fact that he is being moved around.   Kind of like a foster child.   Good news is that he will be happy and he didn't get killed by a car, poisoned, or left to starve to death.  We were good foster parents.  The house is painted and a couple more details before we leave. 

This morning I head off for El Paso, my final trip there until Spring.  This fall series was productive and I had a good time not to mention the money we made.  I'll be home Tuesday afternoon and will drive from the airport to the bridge to pick up Juan who will be arriving via bus about the same time.

Let the winter games begin!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on your decision. Time to let your hair down and just get out there and explore and enjoy.

  2. I'm thinking you made the right decision.... Maybe I should give you my shirt that says "Do What You Like... Like What You Do". ;-)