Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Was A Good Day

For starters, I am not a saleperson.  I don't like sales and I've only tried it once only to sabotaged by a sales team who didn't want a teacher/consultant taking their commission.  A long story and one I won't go into.  Today though was a breaking point for me.  I was given a sales script to learn and it just wasn't me.  Fortunately, I have a boss in Dallas who treats me very well and told me, "It's a guide, you know your business, make it yours".   It finally came to me and now I am on my way.  I go back to McAllen on Sunday and will meet with her via Skype on Monday  ready and rarin' to go. 

I went to the school today in Allende and delivered the books I bought for the reading program.  Today was "in service" at the school so no classes.  The teachers were happy to see me and much happier to see the books.  We finalized the plans for the annual spelling bee and the Christmas carol program which will take place at the cathedral in the town square.  All the staff was invited to a lunch in the auditorium to celebrate birthdays for the month of October and thank the teachers for their hard work.  We had a great lunch and laughed up a storm.  Oh to be 25 and a teacher today!

After, I met Juan in town and we stopped by our friend's house.  Teo and Reyna recently adopted a baby girl. They had been on the list for two years.   It was a really deep and exhaustive process.  In short, Reyna received a call at work that started out with, "Are you sitting down?"  Apparently she screamed so loud everyone on the floor of her office came running.  

We met their new baby today.  She is precious, adorable, and real charmer.  She sleeps all night, is only three months old, and is as cute as a bug's ear.   I am almost in tears writing this.  They have wanted a child for so long and decided that in vitro was not an option.  They followed the rules, had a dozen investigation performed, physical, psychological, home invasions to say the least only to end up with Aly Daniela.  Their story is so intense I think I may do a write up.   What would most people think about adoption in Mexico?  By that I mean, the conditions, the requirements, the adoption center, etc.  I was more than impressed.

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  1. what a wonderful story she is for sure a beautiful wishes les