Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Travel Day - In The Air


This is from yesterday (Monday), something happened and it didn't post.

Not to hack anyone off (TSA and immigration), I decided to get to the airport early.  They are pretty picky here in the U.S. with air travel.   I went to the gym first, showered and took off for the airport.  It says on the McAllen Miller International Airport that parking is free.   I got there and long term was $15.  The company is paying but I'm not a money waster even if it isn't my money.   I got inside and there is a parking payment booth.  I asked the guy there but he gave me a "hmm" answer.   Then I saw the sign and it said "economy parking"  $3 a day.   He had difficulty telling me how to get there.  He explained as if I were an airport employee.   I left, got my 30 minutes free parking and moved over to economy.  It's on the other side of the terminal, hard to find, but only about 300 meters further.   Check the website and see if I'm reading it correctly.

The flight was pretty good but more like taking a bus.  Self-service, no food, no peanuts, only sodas, juice and coffee.  Wow!  $550 and only a cup of coffee.   I posted on Facebook that American has a menu.  What a rip!   Imagine, a breakfast box for $6.99 that includes a mini yogurt, a cookie, oatmeal, and a lifesaver mint.  Oh, brother.

Had a three hour layover in Dallas.   Free wifi in McAllen, no service in Dallas unless you are an AT&T customer.   I spent a nice time walking around, watching the news and reading a book.  I had lunch there, I had to eat.   A place called Ling & Louie's or something.  Fancy Asian.   It was good, but salty.  I love watching people so hanging out in the airport is fun for me.

Arrived to El Paso and picked up the car.  I will be driving to a school in a Fabens, a town about 50 kms from here in the morning.  A small group of 130 students and then I need to stop by a school back here in town in the afternoon to drop off extra materials.   If I have time I may drive up to Franklin Mountians to take pics of the sunset.


  1. Sounds like almost as much fun as retirement! ;)

  2. Chris - Thanks again for your phone #. It made me feel safe just to know I had it as I attempted and succeeded to pass between the two hurricanes with NO rain.

    I'm back in SMA today. Saw lots of standing water on the way back in fields but nothing other then that.

    Let me know whenever you're heading this way. Babs

  3. Parking... food.... water.... all the things we used to take for granted (with reason) are now extras... at a hefty cost. What REALLY pisses me off is some will sell me a bottle of water just before I get on the plane... then take it away as I round the corner of the loading ramp. Don't get me started!!!! Anyway... hope it all goes well.

  4. Don't forget to put your Swiss Army Knife in your checked luggage.