Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunrise at the rv park.

Watched the sunrise this morning while I had my coffee and read my newsletter.  It comes out on Saturday but I like to save it for Sunday morning.   Decided this morning to walk for an hour instead of going to the gym.  I did the same last night.   However, it's kind of scary around here.   It was like one of those movies where you're the last person left on the planet.  No birds, no animals, not even one human being.   Just a bunch of empty mobile homes, park models, and closed up rvs.  It was fun to think about but I'm glad there are a few people living in the park.

This morning I discovered that there wasn't any water.   I went out and checked the line and then the one next door, not even a drop.   I started walking and when I turned the corner the fire hydrant was open and water pouring out.   I saw a woman driving her dog (she was in the golf cart and the little dog was walking alongside).   I waved her down and she said her son was the office manager and went to wake him up.   Then a couple of blocks away I found another one.   What the heck!  Another 15 minutes and just when I was about to knock on the park manager's door, the neighbor came out and I asked him.  He said there was a leak in the park and the maintenance guy opened all the hydrants to relieve pressure.  Hmm, okay.   Here we are in a drought and he could have shut the water off at the main outside the park.   The water ran from the hydrants for at least five hours.  What a waste.  It was fixed by nine a.m.

Finished my walk and waited for the water to come back.   I showered and treated myself to Sunday breakfast at the Jalisco Cafe about three blocks away.   Very good, complete breakfast with coffee for $5.25.   Considering it's the U.S., not a bad price.

I spent the rest of the day bored.  Did a lot of walking, went for a swim and maybe tonight I will hit the jacuzzi.   I did some reading and used the internet as well.   I am getting ready to pack for my flight tomorrow morning to El Paso.   Plane leaves at 10:45 and I have a stopover in Dallas.   I'm staying in a nice hotel and will stay Monday and Tuesday night coming back Wednesday morning.    I will teach a course on Tuesday and then one on Thursday here in McAllen.  I then return again next week to El Paso.  Racking up a lot of good ole tabaggona mileage!  Let's see how they treat me at the airport.  Oy vey!


  1. I'm just getting caught up after a crazy week here in Ohio. Tomorrow morning our daughter and son-in-law are driving back to NY... after we have breakfast together. I hope the local Bob Evans serves a Tex-Mex breakfast as you just made me really want one. This morning we had a vegan breakfast at a local place... good... but alas... no green... or red. Don't think we've been in the valley in late Sept... don't envy you the humidity.... hoping you have safe and happy travels.

  2. Well, you could be up here on Vancouver Island. High winds and rain. Predicting winds of 100 Kph tomorrow. I am REALLY glad we did not go to Seattle for the weekend with Brooks and LindaLee.

    BTW, typing this on my new Linux Mint 14 install!

  3. Chris what a fabulous sunrise shot. I agree, a waste of water, some people just don't get it.