Sunday, September 8, 2013

Preparing My Trip Plan

Tomorrow I will speak with the office in Texas about my trips to El Paso.  I will be working in four different high schools.  I would like to take the rv and spend some time in West Texas but the days don't coincide with the driving.   I have one event on Oct. 9th in El Paso and a course back in McAllen on the 11th.  That would only leave us one driving day and we are talking about 800 miles.   I'm not  marathon driver, the company pays fuel and mileage but it just isn't feasible.   It would be fun though as the weather is really cooling down at night.  Imagine sitting along side the mountaintop at Guadalupe Natl Park.   Fun, fun, fun.

I hope to have a painter lined up for the end of this week and I've found the decking material for the pool.   Getting an estimate this week on the remodel is a must. 

Not much else going on other than daily rains which we are happy to hear about.  Our annual Feria de Manzana (Apple Fair) is back in action this month after an hiatus of five years.  It's a big to do down at the lake with amusement rides, food, horse rides, boat rides on the water, and lots of kids doing what teenagers do best on weekends.  This means a lot to us, it is an indication that some normalcy has returned to our home and life really does go on.

After the capture of some big potatoes this last month in northern cities, they said all hell would break loose.  It hasn't happened and it has been extremely quiet even on the webpages and  blogs that write about it.  Let's hope it is a sign of better times ahead.  

Rvers should start planning their trips down here and book their reservations at the parks of their choice.  Pull out those maps, log on to Bill and Dot's "On The Road In" and order your maps.   Check out the Church´s book if you need a new one.  This is going to be an exceptional winter here in Mexico for rvers.  Lots of new roads to take and maybe even a trip on the new Baluarte bridge that will take you over to the west coast.


  1. We're driving down from Thunder Bay, Ontario and crossing at Nogales bringing our dog for the first time!!!....any tips...we've always flown and winter in La Cruz, Nayarit.Hope to be back in Thunder Bay by May 2014 for ur trip!!! Marilyn

  2. Send me an email Marilyn at

  3. Through my blog I now have 6 new Rvers coming to Mazatlan this winter. Only one has RVed to mexico in the past. Things are changing for the better.