Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rivers, Rvs, and A Movie


First off, let me respond to my friend in San Miguel de Allende.  Hwy 57 north to Saltillo, Hwy 40 from Saltillo to Monterrey, and Hwy 85 are clear and open.  No damage reported.  Take caution during early morning hours near Saltillo due to foggy conditions which will pass by early afternoon during the week.  Rains will continue during the week but not torrential downpours.  I sent you an email.


Some of you may not know that a river runs near our house, about 100 meters away.  Our road used to go all the way to the river bank but houses have been built there.  This river runs into the presa (dam) 1 km away.  Our "rich" neighbors have much larger lots and those along the river have docks.   For the last two years the river has been dry.   What you see above is a river that is now 7 meters deep or 21 feet.  We now have more water than we ever asked for.  Yesterday they opened the compuertas or the gates on the dam to let some of the water flow south.  It looks like rains wil continue but the worst is over.  Now it is all the water coming down from the mountains that is causing flooding.  The house is fine, we did find a few hairline cracks from the movement below the house.   That is easily fixed and we will be in good shape.   With the pool flooded and the water green, I now have an excuse to drain it and do the remodeling.   

Now on to Canada.   I have been mapping out our trip.   What I have planned so far is to take a month to get to the Canadian border, two months to cross Canada, and a month to get back home.  Hopefully, we can leave a couple of weeks early and stay a couple of weeks longer extending our trip and time with friends.  Again, this is just a dry run of what we may do in the future.  

How can I say this, I want to say money is not an issue, but it is.  I don't want to waste money on fuel of all things.   The trip has a cost and we are not full timers.  Selling the house just isn't going to happen with the current situation.   We have to make do with what we have.  I am thinking, as an ex-Trailmanor owner (folding hard-sided travel trailer www.trailmanor.com), maybe buying one on the cheap and then selling it after our trip.   That would save us half of our fuel cost.   

I like our current rv, but the Trailmanor was really something.   


  1. Waterfront property, eh! Glad you are safe.

    I looked up that trailer, looks good and you can still boondock in it easily but you won't have power or will you.