Friday, September 13, 2013

They Love To Create Panic

A huge tropical storm is headed our way this weekend.  I'm watching local news and they are getting people all worked up about buying water, food, candles, etc. to get them through the storm.  How much food and water do you need for a couple of day?

So it's batten down the hatches and get ready to watch the pool flood.   I could care less.  It can all be cleaned and I can't stop the rain anyway.   We need the water and we should be thankful mother nature is working in our favor.

We have a couple of 5 gallon jugs of water handy, our well pump works great and we have enough rice and beans to see us through.  The generator is handy and ready to roll.  We been through this drill before and it's just sit back and enjoy the storm.  If power does go out, nothing better than sitting around with candles and a bottle of wine having a good conversation probably about our next trip.  Speaking of trips, 
I will have a couple of days in California in October.  They offered me a one-day course in Monterey, Ca.  

Something new in Mexican education, and I'm not referring to the teachers strike.  Let's not go there.  In our great state of Nuevo Leon, we started this school year with 542 primary and secondary schools that are full-time, from 7:30 a.m to 4 p.m.   Remember that most of Mexico has split classes, morning and afternoon to accommodate all the students.  Now that the population has dropped in this age group, or has been in decline due to reduced birthrates, we now have buildings and staff that can man a full-day schedule.  A really good thing.   Now watch the teachers bitch about that.  Finally a chance for students to get an even better education, spend more time in a controlled environment where they can learn English, French and a concentration in competences and culture.   I say, fantastic!

As I have said before, the four poorest states in Mexico (Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca (100 days), Edomex) are the ones with the most strike days for teachers.


  1. In Ohio, in February, 1977 we had blizzard warnings... so, in all their wisdom, the hospital where I worked sent all non-essential employees home... right in the middle of the storm. Most folks went to the grocery... check-out lines clear to the back of the stores. Roads were hellish... cars skidding all over the place; visibility practically nil. In a couple of hours the storm had passed... before you'd normally get off work or your kids would get out of school. Really stupid, huh? Sometimes I just don't understand why the "powers that be" instill such panic.

  2. Ah, but do you have enough wine and vodka??!!

  3. We need all the opportunities available to clean up the gene pool!

  4. Good news about the school hours and more education.