Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some Very Welcoming Responses

We are surprised that so many people want us to stop by and stay for awhile.   We may have to rethink this trip and make it a bit longer than planned.  It is a first time trip to Canada and just like our friends in the colder north who come south every year, it may mean we will travel up north during our hot summer months.  We love rving in Mexico and we love meeting up with rvers.   However, this is our home and where we have spent the last 25 years or more.   I think we want to get out some more.  We have never been to Utah, or traveled the Dakotas.   Bill and Sharon will be in Maine, a place I have never ever been and have always wanted to know.

We are negotiating our deal in SMA and the sales people can be real jerks.   We want the house but we want it furnished.  They have used it as the model for over three years now and it is in still new condition.   The furniture is designer but not super high quality but makes for a great rental.   I told the salesman last week that we wanted the furniture as part of the deal.  He said he couldn't do that and I told him we would be willing to talk with his manager.   He said he would investigate but answered via email in a very, very short period of  time saying they wanted 60,000 pesos for the furniture.   He didn't talk to his manager.  How do I know?  Before leaving SMA, we stopped by one more time to take pictures and our agent wasn't there.  Another agent told us it wouldn't be an issue as they wanted to sell the model home.  Besides that, when we looked at a super huge three-story home in the same division, it was full of furniture from other models they had sold and the furniture was getting dusty, dirty and moldy.   I have learned a lot over the years and this agent intends on selling us the furniture and keeping the cash.   He's already pressured us by saying they had a buyer who was willing to put down a big down payment but we didn't bite.  A week later he calls to see if we are still interested.   

Here at the homestead:   The rv is in McAllen and we are here.   Croft is talking about his mods that he is doing and it is driving me up a wall.  I have sent off emails to our manufacturer asking for information on our rv model regarding design, weights, etc.  so we can make some changes.  I also asked for the removable arm cushions for our sofa and some luan board tape that matches our color.   I think we will take off in the next week for McAllen.   Nothing is happening here and I am getting bored real quick. 

I keep putting off the pool remodel and some painting as I won't do it and I am finished trying to find someone who is willing to work for a decent wage without poking our eyes out.   I need to "get'er done" because we can't take off for the winter without it.   The continual ball and chain.  One interesting thing happening here is that the city is encroaching faster than anyone thought.   Two new developments going on just down the road.  

Also today, as I was coming home from the gym, there were two topographers on our street.  Still not sure what they were up to.  Let's hope it is a new road or even better, a new road and a housing developement.  If so, we're outta here!!!!


  1. Don't give in to that charlatan. I think the expression, "Whoever speaks last, loses" comes to mind.

  2. Your experience with that salesman makes our episode with Home Depot come to mind. The house we own in NM needs new windows... we sat with a person for over an hour picking out double glass/energy efficient windows and she ran a spec sheet for us. We asked about installation... she had their rep call us. This guy said BOTH homeowners HAD to be present.. it would take 60-90 minutes to get measurements and "listen to the spiel" (my words, not his).. but, nevertheless, it would be a salestalk. He'll show up in a Home Depot apron at 9am on Saturday. I think Bill told him (probably politely, knowing Bill) that the house is a rental, we don't live there, it wasn't necessary for me to be there and we weren't interested in the sales talk. (I'd have told him to shove it)... we stopped by Lowe's, there was no BS, and we'll get the completed estimate on Saturday. I hope you get what you want without the un-necessary hassle.

  3. Hey I had said May but if the trip takes longer you can stop here when you get here and stay for however long you like.