Sunday, September 1, 2013

You Saw The Map

 August 31, still very hot and humid.

Not sure what happened with my blog and the map I posted of North America.   I had text, not sure you saw it.  I know I can't but the HTML code is!   

The map is a rough outline of where we would like to go the end of April 2014.   There is lots of flexibility and a couple of people have already made the comment that four months may not be enough.  That is what it is already starting to look like.  

However, this will be our first trip to Canada.  Based on what I have seen so far in my research, this could become a more frequent summer trip once we have no more commitments.    Let's call this a trial run and maybe the four months will turn into five and we can slow down a bit.  Some of you get back and forth in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.   

As you may have read, 250 miles every three days on the average would make for a very relaxing and exciting trip.   Six hours driving and then three days out in the wilderness, sightseeing or visiting friends, sounds pretty good to me.   

One thing for sure, I need to keep on the beaten path.   I am now looking at Prince Edward Island, and I have heard from several readers who say to stop by for a couple of days.   I like a day or two, I hate to wear out my welcome.   That's enough to see something local, visit and chat, and then move on without anyone thinking, "god, I thought they'd never leave".  

A trouble spot for us is leaving the cats behind.  Just can't do it.  I am thinking we need one of those pop up rooms where they can be outside and have more room to roam around and see the outdoors.   When I return to McAllen in the next week I am going to Bass Pro Shop in Harlingen to try out a few.  Another is to create a private space for their litter box.   I am thinking of a cabinet space where the now defunct Atwood furnace is with an exhaust fan to the outside.   

Lots of things to work on and you know I procrastinate quite a bit.   If I get started now, maybe I can finish some of the projects by next April/May.

BTW, still working on the house in San Miguel de Allende.  We are in contact with the sales staff and it looks like we made some progress yesterday.


  1. We haven't made any concrete plans yet, but if we go back to the Caribou, Maine area next summer, it just might be on... or near.... your route. Wouldn't that be great!

  2. We want you for more than three days! We are already talking about a walk on ferry cruise from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert to Alaska and back!

  3. You'll be very welcome at my property in southern Saskatchewan!

  4. PEI is a must and more than 3 days..boondock on the ferry wharfs, people like the Mexican folk....a blog with no food I am proud of you!!!!!!Les

  5. This could easily change into a year long expedition!

  6. We'd be very happy hosts, but a day or two? That definitely won't cut the mustard here! Just saying! :o)