Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back In Order and Off to Texas

Spent  most of yesterday getting things cleaned up and back in order.  The pool is crystal clear again, grass cut and trees trimmed.   Cement houses don't absorb moisture very well like wood houses and we don't use central air conditioning.  The wood doors and moldings started to grow mold in some parts.  Standard here the few times we have severe weather.   Very little, but with the right light you could see it.  I spent yesterday cleaning the house really well and washing down all the wood with a bleach mixture and then polish after everything was dry.   Even though the temperature last night hovered around 20C,  you could have cut the humidity with a knife.   As we watched a movie, Cold Mountain, I turned on the air  in the bedroom.  About 2 a.m. I woke up and turned it off.  It's been raining all night.

While I was out and about getting things ready for my Texas trip, my neighbor let his horses out to clean up the high grass on his land.  

And this guy is getting a bit too comfortable here.  Still needs to go.

Off to McAllen.   I'll be reporting over the next few weeks.  I'm not sure how interesting El Paso will be or Lubbock, Tx.   Lots of hotels and plane rides.  


  1. you know you want to keep the's saying something too you...Marilyn

  2. Sooo..happy to see the bowls by the dog..Tis a hard thing to do to turn away a hungry animal. We ended up keeping a white dog when in the Baja (I did not want a dog)but she ended up being the most loyal and smartest dog we have ever had.She gives us so much joy and has enriched our lives.
    I hope the dog your befriending finds a good home if not yours.