Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's A Hurricane

It's official, it is a T5 hurricane.   I just talked to a friend in Tampico.  He said it was heavy rains all night last night and this morning the sun is shining.   The storm is 22 kms out to see and headed right towards Tampico.  Both U.S. national news and our local weather casters say it will come close to Monterrey but turn south and inland.   We will still have heavy rains and flooding.   Tonight is the El Grito celebration but most municipalities in the metro area are cancelling.   No one wants to take chances.   

Here on the ranch we have most of the underpasses and turn arounds closed.  Rivers are flowing hard and high.  It has been raining non-stop for two days now.   

Our guest is still on the porch, probably the first time he has been dry in over a week.  He sleeps a lot and looks happy.   I don't like him and don't want him around.  I'm not an animal lover, or so I try to convince myself.  


  1. Good luck with the weather. We are near Port Townsend WA in the middle of a thunderstorm with a lap full of trembling dogs. Don't think they would survive a hurricane! Love your new roomie. Reminds me of all the times in Mexico that we were adopted by some local dog even though we had our two dogs with us. Think it had something to do with the fact that Mo would feed them.

  2. The dog issue is a challenge. I made the mistake of feeling bad for a Momma cat and her kittens once when we lived in Puerto Rico, where their animal husbandry is just as shabby.
    Well sir, that was a mistake. Did want to adopt a cat and her kittens, especially since we didn't know when we were moving back home.
    Good luck on your decision, but it sounds like you won't be adopting a dog any time soon. That's just the way it is.