Sunday, September 22, 2013

Settled In

Not knowing the condition of the libre to Reynosa, we took the autopista.  A non-eventful trip although we went through four checkpoints; two federal and two military.   The military included the one I talked about last time I went to Matamoros where they have you unload all bags, boxes and packages and run them through a portable airport style x-ray machine.  We were waved through on all four.

Got to the bridge and not sure why, but just about everyone from Monterrey was in the line.  It took us an hour and a half.  Got up to the booth and when asked the purpose of our trip I said shopping, because Juan didn't want a permit.   With a visa only, a Mexican can travel border cities up to the 21 mile mark north of the border.  He went home today on the bus so I thought no sense in making a big deal out of it.  Boy, then the guy asked me what I was going to buy and how much cash I had to spend.  I said 500 dollars.  Then he asked Juan, and he said, "well, I have my credit cards".   In the past, they wouldn't let him pass unless he could show a reasonable amount of cash.   He got the idea we were together, gave us a big smile and let us go through.  You just never know.  We laughed afterwards, because he spoke to me in Spanish and I answered him in English.  Who  knows why.  Another nuance of border life.

We visited with the few neighbors that are here in the park.   Very quiet still as the snowbirds haven't started their journey south yet.   I got an email from a former park neighbor, Donna.  Donna and her husband Leo were here last year.   We hit it off.  They lost their puppy of 17 years.  Went to the bridge and waiting for them.   Donna's a good egg.  Very nice.   I have to laugh, the first time she stopped to talk to me, or should I say drove to talk to me, I was out getting some exercise.  She drove while I power walked, we chatted up a storm.  Good people. 

Got up this morning and went out for breakfast at Don Beto's in La Feria.  You need try this place.  Total tab was $10.31.  I ate salad the rest of the day.  Tomorrow back to the gym.  We stopped by CostCo on the way to the border to drop Juan off.   Bought their discount gas.  I stopped on the way back to wash the truck and do a little grocery shopping.   I watched Juan walk across the bridge before I took off.   We did that a lot 29 years ago when we first met.   Used to be me crossing the bridge to go home.  Oh well, this is for our Canadian trip and some other things and it is only a few weeks.  I'm sure I'll go home in the next week or two for the weekend via bus.


  1. I'm sure not gonna find that breakfast anywhere here in Ohio! WoooHooo... looks good. That's funny about the English/Spanish conversation. When we were still in TX as daughter's the contractor who was working on the rock walls often brought his 9 or 10 year old son to work with him... Gomez spoke to his son in Spanish, the boy answered in English. Made me jealous... I'd love to be bilingual!

  2. It was great of Juan to keep you company for your journey NOB. Lovely looking meal at a fabulous price.