Monday, September 23, 2013

Idle Hands

I took off for the gym early this morning.   I had to get a head start, our U.S. cell phone petered out.  I hadn't been charged for a few months and won't come on at all.  I got another phone at Radio Shack, got home and called to transfer the number and it wouldn't work.  I took it back and now I am waiting for phone number three to activate.   May take a day or two.   I have to have it for work.   I could have gotten a new number but I think it is important to keep the same one based on my school contacts last year.

I came back home and made breakfast and farted around for a bit and then it kicked in.   I took off the sheets and pillow cases and did laundry.   I vacuumed and mopped the floor and cleaned the window casings.  

Then it dawned on me,  those damn solar cables still hanging out.  I've put it off only because I wasn't sure what to do and didn't want to damage anything.

On Saturday we took off the side molding by the door.  It looked like I could get in there and send the cables from the monitor panel that you see down and over under the floor cabinet.  Well, these cheap ass creations they call rvs don't work like that.  They had one sheet of panel and then put wood blocks to anchor the cabinets.   I put all that back and put my tools away.   I went to the bathroom and while I washed my hands I looked in the mirror and saw the wall behind me.   

I went and got the tool bag and took off the wall panel.  In the bathroom it is one piece but has nothing attached to it.  Interior walls don't have insulation, at least not ours, so I pulled back the panel with a screwdriver keeping the cheap staples in place, and there it was.   I pulled the cables back into the wall, down along the pipe and made a small hole on the cabinet side near the floor.  The cables went through and I hooked up the controller.  How often will I be checking it?  It has a function and that is what is important.  I put the tank monitor panel back and nobody would notice the difference. 

Thanks to Keven and Croft for doing the majority of the work and now the project is complete.  I actually learned a few things along the way.  Kevin made a good decision on where to bring down the cable.  It all worked out great.  Hmmm, now that took about nine months.  Baby's born!

Tomorrow I'm off for San Antonio and then back to the valley Thursday afternoon.  I'm not taking the rv, better to stay in a hotel, meals and expenses covered including .50 cents a mile for gas.


  1. All right! It is done! Better later than never. Now to monitor how it is working.

  2. Sometimes these things can take a while. Just need the right motivation.

  3. Good for you! A solar system is born!