Saturday, September 14, 2013

The "Cat" Is Out Of The Bag

Well, so to speak.  This guy was dumped on our street over a week ago.  He hung around the gate and I don't know why.  I mean, why our gate?  I have ignored him, thrown "pebbles" at him to scare him off  and he still comes back for more.  I leave the house, drive down the road and have to stop two or three times to pretend I'm reaching down to pick up a rock to make him run back.  Had to, he followed me one day for one kilometer and onto the highway.  Long walk back home as I couldn't drive the lateral in reverse.  

We haven't fed him, given him any attention except to tell him there's no place here for him.  I have posted the picture above on Facebook for over a week and no one wants to adopt a dog.  I open the gate and he sits there knowing he can't come in.  He's like a kangaroo, he sees my car coming down the road and he turns around and starts jumping up and down.

It's raining hard and the storm is now a hurricane.  He sits there at the gate peering in between the crack watching our every move here in the house.  He takes no cover and no protection.    

We just gave in and now he is on the porch.  He's been in the rain now for a week.  He can't stay, we need to find him a good home.  End of story.


  1. This just breaks my heart. I had the same thing happen when we were doing that gate-guarding job in south TX. There wasn't any humane society... nothing. Even the sheriff advised me to just take the dog in town and dump him. I cried the whole way... hunted a neighborhood that looked like it had a lot of kids, and swore at the world when I made that dog get out of my car. I sure hope you find a home for him.

  2. Wow, they know how to capture your heart. Beautiful dog. So sad, bummer.

  3. Ahhh....come on....he loves you.