Friday, September 6, 2013

Time For Politics!

I can tell you are excited!  As I have said before, if I'm not on the road, I get into trouble and here I am.  Lots of emotion going on around the world with Syria.   I truly believe the Middle East is a powder keg waiting to explode.   But lets keep things in perspective. 

The U.S. has the second largest cache of chemical weapons in the world.   The U.S. also has the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world and the only country who has ever used nuclear weapons.  Most people tell me, "well, that was almost 60 years ago".  Doesn't matter.  It's principle, but I guess world powers don't need principal.

One thing I want to make clear is that I am not anti-American.   However, that said, I do see things a bit differently now than I did 30 years ago when I lived in the U.S.  One, I am much, much older now and being wiser does come with age as well as experience and education.  Second, I see things from the outside looking in and believe me, they look much different.  I sometimes wonder how I would have seen Mexico as an American if I had stayed in the U.S. and never ventured out.   My little world when I was 18 and in overalls, is much more grandiose today.  Travel does that to you.

There is a strong possibility that some of this has to do with Assad himself and the fact that he was once a golden child of the U.S., you know, on their side, up and coming in the world.   Now he has changed his tune and the U.S. is ready to dump him along with so many others who have been dumped; Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Baby Doc, Cuban dictator Batista hand-picked by FDR back in 1932, and there are another 35 on the list.   We create them, remake them, and install them.  Once we are done with them we get there followers to create a coup and then they end up in a hole somewhere.   Assad will end up in a hole, I'm almost sure of it, three for three.

I have nothing against the military and I'm not apologizing for anything either, just making my stance clear.   I feel for all the troops of all countries who are fighting some battle somewhere at this very moment.  Our disastrous attempt to convert Iraq into a western democracy proves the point.  How many maimed and mentally destroyed soldiers now live amongst us?   We lost over a trillion dollars in that war, and now where is Iraq?  So far this year 4,000 Iraqis have been killed in bombings and the Ba'ath party is back in power.  Providers of military weapons and machinery claim to now have such hi tech equipment that many more survive.  Well lets take a count of that.   First off, up to one million Iraqis died in the 10 years of war.  5000 American service people were killed and 100,000 wounded of which how many thousands are maimed for life?   Hi tech equipment, and the Iraqi insurgence kicked our butts with what they call IEDs or in reality were Molotov cocktails.   Oh the things we buy into.

So here we sit, they say 96% of Americans are against intervention into Syria.  Obama swears there will be no boots on the ground.  I think I heard father Bush say that when he went into Iraq in 1988.  Remember the surge, the long line of jeeps, trucks, tanks, equipment trudging across the desert?   "In and out".  Yep, that's what it wasn't.   It was in, and in, and in, and, well you get the idea.

War is big business.   Another thing I want to mention but I fear retaliation and being called an anti-Semitic (even though I have proof my family were poor Jews before immigrating to the U.S. in 1907), Israel is behind this.  Palestine was once part of Syria.   Notice that all the countries bordering Syria have taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees and Israel refuses to take in any.  Hmmm, I wonder what that is all about. 

To cut to the chase, I say, butt out Obama.  The U.S. has too much on its plate.  16 trillion in debt, a total of 70 trillion long term over the next 25 years in bonds and such, high unemployment, 47,000,000 Americans recieving food assistance,  infrastructure that includes 5000 bridges that need rebuilding and the list goes on.  

Clean up the mess at home, bring home those worn-out and beaten down soldiers, then work on your neighbors to the north and south and head on down the continent to make one "super-America".  After all, we are all Americans.


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  2. Chris, you and I seldom agree 100% on political matters as I am usually a bit to the left of you. In this case we agree!

    I doubt if we will ever know for sure who released the gas. Was it the government, the rebels or an interested third party? There are countries in the area who would love to see a war with the US. Some of them would join in with Syria to fight the aggressor and others (Israel) would love to have their enemies help fight off the US so they could take advantage of their weakness.

    It is a bad situation all around. Right now it looks like Obama is going to have a lot of trouble getting approval of his resolution anyway so the world may be lucky and the school yard bully may be denied his stones to throw.

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if The U.S. got on a positive smart track for the future.

  4. Chris

    I think this needs much clarification.

    Clean up the mess at home, bring home those worn-out and beaten down soldiers, then work on your neighbors to the north and south and head on down the continent to make one "super-America". After all, we are all Americans.

  5. Yes, I missed that last paragraph. What do you mean? Expansionism by the USA? Because any way you cut it, that is what it would amount to.

  6. Not expansionism, working together with other American countries to make the Americas a strong continent. Oil for example, many American countries are involved in oil production, some smaller than Mexico and the U.S. However, we have enough resources that if we worked together we could provide for our own needs for quite sometime along with other energy sources to not have to rely on the Middle East. The money that the U.S., Canada and other American countries spend overseas on Middle East issues could be used at home. I'm not necessarily implying that we should create an American Union but something very close would benefit all of us.

  7. Canada took a beating during the "Free" Trade Agreement with the USA. We had to lower out workplace safety rules and international shipping rules to conform with those of the US. It also made it much easier for Canadian businesses to pull up stakes and move to the US where taxes and labour was cheaper. As a result Canada lost tens of thousands of high paying jobs when companies moved to the US.

    Generally, when negotiations take place, the larger participant will come out on top. When Mexico joins the party, even the USA's $5 - $7 per hour minimum wage will not be able to compete with Mexico labour costs.

    It would be wrong to think that US companies moving into Mexico will help the Mexican economy as these companies will exploit the Mexican system to ensure their costs are kept to a minimum. The USA would lose hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs jobs and Mexican workers will still be working for almost nothing. The large companies will be the only ones to benefit.

  8. From what Croft says it doesn't look like Mexico or sny central american country would gain anything partnering with the US.