Monday, September 16, 2013

The Wait Is A Killer

I've let water out of the pool twice but there is no where to discharge it because everything is so saturated.   The water in the pool is from rainwater, no flooding yet.  The gutters we put up in the front can't handle it and they overflow.  So far though, the house is in good condition and no leaks anywhere.  Cement houses are notorious for water infiltration especially those with flat roofs.

We had an apartment building in town have a semi-collapse when a giant boulder came down in a mudslide and hit the third story sending a sleeping woman down into the apartment below.  She is in the hospital but with minor injuries.   

Out here I went up to the corner for the paper, our road is still open but the dry river bed is at about a half meter right now.   They say this is going to hit around 5 p.m. this afternoon and it appears it is wreaking havoc in the south of the country. 

More later.


  1. Thanks for posting, I kept checking. Good to hear that you are doing alright so far and pray that it continues that way. Yes other areas have been hit hard. Hopefully you won't get too much more water or any flooding.

  2. Certainly a good thing that it's a concrete house.
    The house we rented when we lived in Puerto Rico had come through Hurricane George previous to our moving there. It was also on high ground, which was a good thing.
    Do you have a set of "tormenteras"?
    You know, the metal window coverings?
    Let's hope you come out unscathed.

  3. I'm driving from San Miguel de Allende to the Columbia Bridge on Wednesday. Do you have any idea if there has been damage on the cuotas, bypasses or bridges. I went to the Mexican highway website and saw no reports.
    Thanks for any info you can give me at

  4. Be safe...I still need more infor!lol Marilyn