Thursday, September 19, 2013

Can It Get Any Worse?

We survived the storm.   The sun was out most of today and the clouds are back.  They say we will have scattered thunderstorms through the weekend.  The 500 people trapped up the road from us have been rescued via helicopter.   They had rented cabins here in the mountains for the three-day weekend celebration (Independence).  

Acapulco didn't fare so well.  It is a disaster and so many people are still trapped.  Airlines are offering free flights, as many as 22 a day, military transport is in there too.   It's not enough.  40,000 tourists are still trapped there and looting has begun.  Flights are dropping food and water but that is one large crowd to try and please.  Hotels have run out of food.

Not much else to report except we are getting the pool back in shape, the gardener trimmed the yard but can't cut the grass for a few more days.  It's too wet.  

We are leaving on Saturday morning for McAllen.  As I said, I will have about for trips out of McAllen to El Paso and Lubbock over the next three weeks.


  1. Glad to hear that you're okay. Being on the road we don't get news as often as we should/used to/want to.... but it's always good to know friends are safe.

  2. We are so happy that you guys had few problems and so sorry for everyone else who is suffering. Afraid the death toll will continue to increase.

    Think Mexico will be up and running before CO is.