Sunday, October 6, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

I spent the morning working on the rv.  I went up on the roof and checked around for possible leak spots or wear in the caulking.  I had bought a tube of Dicor last week but since we don't carry a ladder it is not an easy task.   So I climbed the back bumper and put the tools I needed on the roof and then from the spare tire lifted myself up.  I did this early in hopes no one would see me fall off the roof.  I asked Pedro the maintenance guy if he could help me by lending the ladder and he said yes.  He never showed up and when I'd see him he'd say, "si, en un ratito mas".   

I did my morning walk and inspected all the rigs and park models in the park.  Some pretty cool setups and great ideas.   I came back and showered and headed to a friend's house for breakfast and a prayer meeting.  I'm not into prayer meetings but the get together was pretty good.  I met some nice people and got to see where Robert and his wife live.   McAllen is pretty spread out and they live way out.  Nice house and great hospitality.  Must of been fun, I stayed three hours.  The prayer part was all of 20 minutes, the rest was talking and eating.

I miss home.   Not the house so much, but all the activity that I call home.  Juan, the cats and now the dog.  A friend from Mexico City has been staying at the house for two weeks and heads home this week.  I was hoping to go home for a weekend so we could chat and catch up on stuff.  Darren is a pretty cool guy and has been to some great places around the world.  Just not a lot of people here to talk to.   I smile at everyone and usually get some dirty look and I have a tendency to wink a lot.  My dad did that, well, here it's considered some kind of a come on.   Me and a 25 year old woman, puhhhlllleeasseeee.  :) All I can say is, lighten up folks!   Anyway, Juan will be here soon enough and things will be all better. 

Misty eyes but I have enough to keep me busy.  I leave tomorrow morning at 8:10 for El Paso.   Again, another small town, San Elizario, about 30 minutes east of the big city.   A small group of 110 students.  The principal called me on Friday.  Not a common thing with schools, you know, the hierarchy.   Usually it is a counselor or secretary, not that it matters, however, nice to see a principal involved with student activities. 


  1. Good to see you are getting the RV all set up for Juan. Once he gets there you two can just go and play. Shouldn't be long now.

  2. Pretty quiet down your way....hope all is well....Marilyn