Friday, October 11, 2013

Long Week And Decisions To Make

Where have I been this week?  Mostly sitting in airports and on airplanes and I'm not complaining.  I like those things.   It takes its toll on your body though and recovering isn't easy.  I have been consistent in going to the gym everyday no matter where I am and that isn't easy either because it may mean I am up before 5 a.m.

I'm back in McAllen, I arrived last night after 11 p.m.   Good to be home although a bit empty here still as the snowbirds haven't arrived.   Juan will be here on Tuesday and everything will be back to normal.

I've seen a lot of things and unfortunately I don't have the camera charger here so the battery is just about dead and I haven't taken pictures.   On a recent visit to a town called Fabens outside of El Paso, I found a mobile home photographer's dream.  Because El Paso is very dry and desert-like things stay pretty well-preserved.  I saw some mobile homes from the fifties that are so cool.  That is on our list to go back and take pictures.  I am headed to El Paso on Sunday and may just go out there if I can get someone to charge the battery for the camera.

Our salesperson for the valley has taken a leave of absence.  Her two year old son has a brain tumor.  They are starting chemo on Monday and she will be out until Christmas.   There is no more work here after this next week.  I received a call from the company asking if I would step in for her until December 15th so that I and other presenters will have some seminars in November and the Spring.   A two month commitment and I am not sure that is what I want to do.  I have a conference call with her tomorrow to talk about how much work she thinks I can get and if it is worth it.  This is part-time and it can be two days a week or whatever I decide.  All I have to do is visit existing schools on our list who have used our seminars in the past and see if they want to schedule another one.  The pay is good and the work easy.

I spoke to the rv park and I am feeling that the situation here with snowbirds is not very bright.  No one is here in the park yet although they say come November 1st it will be packed.   I asked about two month rates for November and December and they offered me two months for $500.  Cheap.

We are wanting to go to Queretaro for the teachers convention and then to Guadalajara for a week before heading up to Hacienda Contreras and then down to the beach for a few weeks.  Hmm, everything depends on my conversation tomorrow.   To be honest, I'm not thrilled about the idea.


  1. So you will be in McAllen until the end of December? When is the teachers convention?

    We are probably going to stay in the USA this winter as Norma has forgotten how bloody cold it was there in 2010/11.

    Maybe we could meet in McAllen.

  2. Decisions.... not easy to make if there's any doubt at all. Hope it works out with no regrets.

  3. Do what your heart tells you. Not worth the regrets if you'd rather do something else. It's not always about the money.