Friday, October 24, 2014

Almost Finished Here

The week is ending on a high note.  We have tried for the last year to get a refinance on the San Antonio property.  They just wouldn't accept our Mexican income even though I have to include it in my U.S. taxes.  Earlier this week we were turned down again by Quicken.   I had also received a refinance offer in the mail during the week from our current mortgage holder but I threw it away as they had declined us in March.  However, I received a follow up call and I thought I would pull the guy's chain.  He said he would try to do his best and he did.  Because our credit rating is so high they bypassed the income requirement.  Approved today so that makes the rental much more viable until we decide to sell it at a later date.
I have been running credit checks and showing the house to several prospects and I believe we have narrowed it down to one good candidate.  They are enthusiastic, are giving their current landlord a 30 day notice on December 1st. 
I have spent time this week working on the rv.  I have setup the inverter so there won't be cables all over and once I am finished I can post some pics.
I also bought new hoses for the LP regulator to tanks.  There was a slight leak and I wanted to get this done before our winter trip. 
I sent an email with detailed info on our electric blanket to an inverter specialist store to see if they can make a good match.  Our cheapo inverter doesn't accept it.  Not because of size but because of type; pure sine wave versus modified although we have tried both to no avail.  The electric blanket is low watt and we use it on the lowest setting under the fitted sheet so the heat radiates upward instead of using it as a true blanket and the heat goes up into the air.  By doing this we won't need to use LP at night with our Heater Buddy.
This weekend is sunshine and I want to get up on the roof and give it a good inspection and do some caulking.  We are ready to roll for Mazatlan.  Can't wait.  If this candidate works out, I will be heading home next weekend with the rv in tow! 
I will post pictures once the painters finish their job.


  1. They make electric blankets that run on 12 volts, maybe this is your answer. It is easier on the batteries because the inverter introduces some loss incurred when converting to 120 volts.

    Here is one, there are others. It would be cheaper than buying a new inverter.

    1. You're right, there are 12v mattress covers and blankets.

  2. Guess we better start thinking about heading to the Isla so we can be there when you arrive.