Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lazy Saturday In The RGV

Got up early this morning and sent off my reports.   I went by the office (storage) and picked up materials for Monday in Corpus.  I'll leave sometime tomorrow afternoon, drive by the school to make sure I can get there without any issues (GPS) and then to my hotel.   It will be a small group of about 60 students. 
I came back and had a late breakfast and then a short nap.  Believe it or not, I stayed up late last night.  I had some internet signal so I took advantage of it.  I'm now doing a load of wash and writing this from the clubhouse.  Still no Winter Texans.
When I left Corpus on Friday I dropped by Evelyn's Rv Park in Robstown.   I want to stay there Tuesday night.   I will need to finish my course in McAllen, pick up materials, hookup the rv and head to Corpus for the night.  Sounds complicated but it's more time consuming than anything else.  I read reviews about the park that weren't too good but it actually looks okay especially since it less than two miles from the school.
One thing I wanted to mention was the heavy police presence on the RGV/Corpus Christi corridor.  I've never seen so many unmarked cars.   Every couple of miles there would be a Narcotics Police unit stationed or chasing after a car.   I saw three different situations where a person or persons was standing about 150 feet in front of their vehicles, two with hands over their heads, while the police person searched the vehicle.   Pretty scary from my standpoint driving an SUV with Mexican plates.  As I drove by a highway crossover, there was a narcotic's police unit sitting there.  As I went by he spun his wheels and took off coming behind me.  Scared the holy crap out of me.   He drove by and pulled a guy over.  Dust and gravel flying everywhere. 
I have to make this drive two more times, tomorrow and Tuesday.   With the trailer I don't expect any issues though.   
If I were to live in an rv for a long period of time, I would want a big kitchen.  I didn't go rv shopping today as I had planned.  Too late now because they all close at noon on Saturdays.

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