Saturday, October 18, 2014

Feeling Anxious

Came home today so I can prepare for my trip to Corpus Christi.   We had a wonderful breakfast with Leyla and Kirk our friends from Arkansas.   We stopped by to see them this summer.  Juan studied under Leyla with his first Fulbright.   They rented a condo for a week in Puebla as Leyla gave a talk to promote her program and also to see alumni from the last 14 years.   We have invited them to come to Mexico again and travel with us to San Miguel de Allende.  Great couple and we get along great.

I took VivaAeroBus airlines today.   Cheap by any means but the service stinks.  I always promise not to use them ever again and today was no exception.   Too much to go into but if you want cheap and you have patience, go for it.  It's all yours.

I said "anxious" in the title of today's post because I have a few things to finish up this year.   Two courses this week in Corpus, rent the house in San Antonio, and also work for six weeks trying to bring new students into a bilingual program.   

Once that is done, we are off for about six weeks to Mazatlan and we will do what we do best.   Be with friends, have fun and just relax.  It's been a very good year, I've never had a bad one.   I hope to have many more.  

This week at the convention was very fulfilling.  I made a commitment and I stuck to it.  I'm back in the fold and will continue to be a faithful member of the organization.   I have decided to dedicate the next year to increasing membership in our state chapter of Mextesol. 


  1. Just wondering when you'll be in Mazatlan as we will be passing through there around the 29th on the way to La Cruz....Marilyn

  2. Busy schedule! Are you taking the RV to Mazatlan?

    1. Yes, it is a two day drive on the Monterrey to Mazatlan route. We will stay overnight at a Pemex in Torreon/Gomez Palacios. Then a few weeks on the island I think. Not sure yet. But yes, Mazatlan here we come. Our first west coast beach winter.