Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Off To Puebla!

Our flight leaves at 10:30.  Although it is a national flight we are flying a super discount carrier who insists you be there two hours before the flight and they really mean it.  It takes talking to a supervisor to get on the flight if you get in line after the two hours.  Tight seats, regimented service but the price is right and they are always on time. 
Juan and I will both be speaking at the convention.  Tomorrow I will present:  Working In Teams:  Making Communication Truly Fact to Face.  I've only been working with it for over 20 years but very few teachers use cooperative learning.   I thought I Texas it would be common practice but it's not, it's the traditional classroom.  That's why so many learn so little and are left behind.
Juan's presentation is titled:  Globalized Professional Development Through The Use of Scholarships.   Working in the state department with scholarship programs he will be promoting various programs that are available for university level students.
I come back a day early to prepare for my trip to Corpus Christi on Sunday where I will have two courses Monday and Tuesday and then off to San Antonio to rent the house and follow up with the painters and all the details. 
I am looking forward to our trip to Mazatlan.


  1. How long a flight? That's one of my favorite places in Mexico... Looks like you both are really busy for being "retired folks"!

    1. Monterrey to Mexico is an hour and ten minutes. We took a bus to Puebla which was two hours. There were no more direct flights. Direct on Volaris is an hour and twenty minutes. Yep, retired half way, a little more to increase the pension. No full time stuff so that is the best part. See in south Texas this year we hope.