Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Three Trips To Corpus
I'm back in Texas.  As you know I lost my passport and went for the renewal.  It won't be ready for another week and I was concerned about crossing the border. The consulate assured me that there would be no issue as long as I showed my birth certificate along with signed photo ID.  Well, I don't have any.  I have an old expired Texas ID card.   I got there and the guy waved me through.  I'll never understand what border security is. 

That was a good thing.  I got to the rv and found it to be safe and dry after all the heavy storms the Gulf area had suffered in the last two weeks.   I did notice a small leak after I had been there for awhile.  In fact, I went outside about 9 p.m. and saw a drip.  I thought maybe it was the air conditioning but it was from underneath the refrigerator.    I couldn't see anything at all and decided to pull out the Suburban furnace which I hate so much.   Sure enough, there was water coming from the water intake.  Drip, drip, drip.   I took it off from the outside, put plumber's tape on it and recaulked the inlet.   Worked fine.  It is still very hot though and the mosquitoes are out in force.  The Victoria Palms rv resort is a no go for me.  The wifi, as I said before, stinks.   Nothing is working, you can't get any answers, and the only reply is that it is not the season yet.  Okay, fine.  I am moving next week.

The company takes very good care of me.

I am now in Corpus Christi for two days.  Two courses in a row at the university.   I go home on Friday night and return on Sunday afternoon for another course on Monday only to return in the evening for another event in McAllen.  It's not over yet.  Once I finish Tuesday afternoon, I pick up more materials and head out for Corpus again.  

After all that is done, I head to San Antonio with the rv.  The tenant left without notice and I need to get things ready to rent it again.   There's more but I'll post it as we go along.  


  1. Good Grief... you sound like us these days... one thing just leads to another. Surely all those ducks will be in a row soon... for both you and us!

  2. Now that is some big bed! We never did like The Victoria Palms, just had too many rules for us and of course lack of internet. Bad news about your renter.