Thursday, October 16, 2014

Puebla Convention

Great day today!  Saw many old friends and met some new ones.  Good thing is, the association is attracting young teachers as well as student teachers.  There seems to be big interest in EFL (English as a foreign language) and it is growing as schools become bilingual and others offer more hours of classes per week.
My presentation was a success and I had over 175 teachers who attended.  They had fun and so did I.  Juan was in the room and said comments were great.  One teacher approached me afterwards and said that I probably didn't remember her.  She pulled out a diploma she received from me 25 years ago at a workshop I gave in Saltillo.  Does that date me or what?

Here we are at breakfast this morning out on the terrace of the hotel.  Best breakfast ever.  A croissant with a fried egg, a slab of panela cheese and ham served with a small salad with pesto dressing and potatoes on the side for 50 pesos ($3.90).   Fantastic! 

After dinner with our gorgeous friend Annette from Cuernavaca.  She lived in Monterrey for almost two years and would come out to what she called "the ranch" on weekends.  We had a few drinks before hand and yucked it up.   Always good laughs.
Juan at our National Geographic stand at the exhibition.


  1. Wait a minute... how's come Juan has on a suit and tie and you have on your signature black tee? ;-)

    1. Because I can get away with it! I figure if the Europeans can come here and wear jeans and a pull over, why can't I!

  2. Yep, I wondered the same thing....Juan looking very smart and Chris, well, his jokes are funny!!! Lol ...Marilyn