Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Ramblings - It's A Grueling Job

You know what I do here in Texas and it isn't worth repeating.  One of the things that I do in the six to seven hour long course with 150 to 300 students is provide an evaluation.   It rates the venue, the materials or books we use, provides a list of items you completely agree or disagree with on a scale of 1 to 10 and then an evaluation of the speaker (moi).  This is one question with a scale of "F" to "A++".  I usually score 95% "As".  
There are always smarty pants who like to stir the pot and today I had four evaluations with the following (worst) comments that show the trouble we are in as human beings and the educational system:
1) The presenter is cute.  "Hey, you want to hook up?  Call me (361) XXX-XXXX (it was a guy)
2) One of the essay points is a realization you may have had in your life.   I call on students if they want to talk about a realization they may have had and would want to write about it.  One kid raised his hand and said, "I'm bisexual".   Some students laughed.   He later said, "I got nothing out of your course".
3) Football player on crutches due to a torn ligament.   From the get go he was throwing things at people, causing commotion and didn't show interest.  Seeing I only spend six hours with these students I don't know their names.   I use terms like, the guy in the blue shirt, the girl with the red ribbon, etc.   So I spoke to him as the guy with the set of crutches already knowing it was a football injury.  He gave me an emphatic "F" saying if there were a letter lower he would give it to me because I made fun of the fact he was using crutches.   During the course someone raised their hand and asked, "Can you take your shirt off?"  I asked why he would say that and he said the smart guy with the crutches bet him five bucks to ask me. 
4) A girl gave me a "D" saying I deserved it because I asked her to smile and it embarrassed her.  Really?  Oh my!
In essence, I  was sexually harassed by a student, or even better, two students.  Should I file suit?  If I made a stink I would not be doing this job.   However, they get to say and do whatever they want.  Even the counselors and teachers say they are fed up with what is going on in public schools.  They're tired of walking around on their tip toes.   Too much about "me and my rights" and not enough learning and discipline. 
A weekend of relaxation before heading back to Corpus on Sunday.  I enjoy it, don't get me wrong.  But it's no longer about learning.   I'm not a politically correct person and that's what it is about.


  1. I'm afraid your experience is just the tip of the iceberg. We are headed for a big train wreck and I'm afraid the trains have already left the station. But we can't give up so I am glad you do what you do. Hang in there.

  2. Yes and kudos to you for your attitude and understanding maybe some of the good comments and feed back make it worthwhile cheers les

  3. learning, discipline.... and respect...... both self respect and respect for others.

  4. Crazy - crazy crazy. Glad that Cassia will be homeschooled however she will still be among them…. sheesh. I feel for you Chris! Yes, you have a ton of patience - not sure I could handle it….

  5. Use the good comments to make yourself even better and ignore the bad ones. I went through the same thing when I put on courses for adults, even a (very) few of them gave me bad reviews.

    Wish I were in the RGV!